You were born into this world for a purpose; you were not born by mistake. You are a marvellous and wonderful creation. If you have 300 billion brothers and sisters none of them would exactly be like you. You have a special talent and ability that makes you different from every other person who has ever lived, but have you discovered this?

Yes or No? The answer is best known to you, but you must understand that you have one power that can make you one of the most important people among your contemporaries or that can make you extraordinary valuable to yourself and to others. The graveyards are full of great men and women who never became great because they never gave their abilities responsibility. Wake up! You are capable of much more than what you are presently thinking. Your destiny is lying fallow simply because it is not engaged with responsibilities. You’ve got potentials inside of you, direct it to the right course. You can get there.

 There was a boy who lived far downtown in New York in devastating poverty. When his father died, friends of the family had to chip in to buy a cheap coffin. His mother worked ten hours a day in an umbrella factory, and continued working far into the night at home. The bow was a loyal member of the Catholic Church. He joined a drama society in the church and he became popular and better from acting that he decided to try public speaking. He did so well that at the age of 30 he was elected to the New York state Assembly. There they put him on the committee on banking, he had never had a bank account up to that time also he was put in forest but had never seen a forest. He was so discouraged reading the bill that came before him, which he couldn’t understand that he almost decided to quit. That boy is Alfred E. Smith, four times Governor of New York state, once Democratic candidate for President of the US, the greatest authority of his time on New York state government. He was a solid citizen who believed in the American system of freedom under God, and he realized his dream of building in the world, the Empire state building. This man believes that he can get there. You too can it is a matter of decision.

You can get there. The world is waiting for you to get there. As the world waited for William Shakespeare and he gave the world the gift of literature, the world waited for Mother Teresa and she gave the world word of peace and comfort, the same world waited for our own Wole Soyinka and he gave the world the gift of literature plus political activism. The world also waited for Barack Obama and he gave the world audacity of hope to attain the highest political office in the modern world. The world is waiting for you too. You have no control over your background but what happens in the future depends on what you do. Let the world know that you are alive. Yes, you can get there.


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