I have come into your presence once again
I have come with expectations, many things to gain
I have come to worship the king of my life,
The major reason why I am still alive

I am happy when I am in his presence
I have come with a clean conscience
It’s not that I am holy,
But he has cleansed me and forgiven me of my folly

Everywhere is filled with his glory
At this point I don’t care about my story
It is time to drop my bad mood,
Focus on giving him praise and feel good

It is time to let my body move,
Shake myself and get into this holy grove
I can feel the grace so all I need to do is dance,
There is no need to be in a self-trance

Every now and then I hear of obituary,
But I have had no cause to visit the mortuary
I would dance and dance in different ways,
I would dance because he has been keeping me all these days

I bow my head in worship,
God I am here to submit to your lordship
I lift my hands in awe of your majesty,
Over my life I give you authority.

Composed By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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