1. An honest work for an honest day’s pay. This means keeping personal phone call to a minimum level, actively seeking ways to make meaningful contributions, performing tasks with a higher degree of accuracy, reporting work on time, and not watching clock for the entire hour of the last day.
  2. Full-time loyalty.
  3. Respect for confidential information.
  4. Integrity and honesty in all dealings that represent the company.
  5. Respect for you, the employer, and for their fellow employees.
  6. A positive attitude on the job.
  7. Courtesy towards the company clients, vendors and competitors.

NOTE: This short article was culled from COMMON SENSE BUSINESS by STEVE GOTTRY (Co-author of THE ON-TIME, ON-TARGET MANAGER). To learn more about how to manage a small scale business, you can get the book. I am sure you would love it just like I did.


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