The council of elders of the SUCCESS ULTIMATE SEARCH have sent me their messenger of IMPACT to you this day to deliver their message of RADICAL TRANSFORMATION.

Today, the elders believe that you would be EVICTED from the level of consistent failures, unrewarded hardship, constant worries and total unhappiness and you would be instantly PROMOTED to the level of All round success.

“We have seen your passion for SUCCESS, we have seen your hustles, your hard work have not passed our notice,we have felt your pains, we have smelt the sweet saint of your prayers and fasting, that is why we are here to give you some tips that would take you to the success level you DESIRE”.


The level you are currently is as a result of 10% of what has LIFE has thrown at you, and 90% of how YOU react to what life has thrown at you.

Did you get that? Your LEVEL today is as a result of 10% of what you have experienced in life and 90% of how you react to these experience.

The elders have witnessed many people give reasons for remaining at the same position IN life. Some of their numerous reasons are their situations, their experiences, their disabilities, their poor backgrounds, lack of opportunities and past failures.

Nobody ever says that when these things happened I did not stand up to fight them, nobody ever says that I was negative about my situations and I gave up on myself, nobody ever says I was to weak to take meaningful actions that would save me from the situation but I rather looked at the situations take a negative effect on me.

Nobody ever says when the opportunities did not come I failed to look for the opportunities but rather I stayed at home, folded my hands and waited for opportunities that would not come.

You have the WILL power inside of you to tackle every experience that come your way to get you to the success level you really DESIRE. You need to understand that what life throws at you can be utilised effectively to get you to the level God has destined you to be.

Remember you are the CEO/CHAIRMAN of your life, don’t give your 90% to your experience and take the 10% for yourself. Stamp your authority, stand your ground and utilize every opportunity to your advantage.

You need to understand that until you take RESPONSIBILITY of your life, things around you would take charge on your behalf until you are ready to.

I don’t care if you actually disappoint me, I don’t care if you disappoint the elders (they actually must not hear or see these), but please don’t disappoint yourself and the God that deposited such huge potentials inside of you.

Cheers to your next big step towards success.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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