I was opportune to hear a story sometimes this month, and the story has been on my mind all day. The story has made me think and re-think, so I decided to share this story with you, with the intention of making you learn something positive. Hope you find it interesting, encouraging, inspiring and motivating.

This story is about a Nigerian who was very poor and managed to stay in a boysquater in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. After many years of suffering, he found his way to the United States of America. On getting there, he got a job and for the first time in his life, he had reasons to celebrate and rejoice because things were going fine with him. Four months into his new job, trouble started in his work place and he was forced to resign without any entitlement or payment for the months’ work. With this unfortunate incident, his suffering multiplied with more pains and afflictions.

One faithful day, he was in his room as usual, and God appeared to him, and he was clearly instructed by God to write a book. All that was to be in the book would be divinely revealed by GOD. He followed all the protocures and procedures he was asked to follow by God, and within two hours, he was through with the book and he went ahead to publish the book. Somehow, somewhere, someplace, sometime, the book he wrote got into the hands of former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton was impressed with the content of the book and he wondered how someone could sit down and write such an expository book. He then handed the book over to the then president of USA, George Bush. George Bush was highly captivated with the book, and he asked the man to publish Five hundred thousand copies of the book for Americans. This man realised over Fifty million Dollars from the sales of the book. As at now, the man charges about Twenty thousand dollars per appearance to give motivational speeches.

This story kept me thinking and thinking, and four questions popped up within my heart,

  1. Why did God choose to give him the book to write?
  2. How did his book get into the hands of Bill Clinton?
  3. Why did he not give up when he was suffering all this years?
  4. Why did God make him pass through suffering all this years without giving him the grace to write the book at once?

These questions struck me, and I made the following assumptions. I wondered what made this man special because I am sure they are more than a million people in the man’s former situation, why did God choose him. Maybe because he never gave up, maybe because he was determined, maybe because he added that little more effort, not withstanding the reason, I am sure of two things

  1. He served God with all his heart. He understood that even if he loses everything in life, he shouldn’t lose the gospel. He did not give up on serving God even when it seemed like God has forgotten him, he still held on to God? How do you respond when you face terrible situations that are beyond your control? Do you hold on to God or you find temporary solutions that would hinder your progress in life?
  2. He was prepared to meet any opportunity, because if he was not prepared, God would not have given him that opportunity. It’s quite unbelievable that with the suffering he experienced he did not give up on himself, he was still determined; he believed that he could still amount to something in life. How strong is your Faith/believe?

You still have enough time to make an impact and change your world. It’s not time to pity yourself or to wish you were this or that, it’s time to reflect on the past, forget about the pains of the past, and focus squarely on the future.

Always have it in mind that when God is involved in a case, the impossible becomes possible, the unimaginable becomes imaginable, and the unexpected becomes expected. My friends with God, the case is not yet over. When a football match is on, the referee cannot blow the whistle for game over until the time is up, so why should you give up when your time is not yet up.

 You still have the opportunity to make it in life. It’s still possible.       

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

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