Early 2012, I contested for the president of my Faculty, and I lost. Many people talked (some were actually painful and some made me laugh). `Some said that position was not for children, some said I lacked ambition and others said I lacked the ability to take decisions and on the long run I would amount to nothing.

After the defeat, I picked myself up, believed in myself, gathered the bricks people threw at me, arranged the bricks and built a staircase from these bricks to take me to the level where I am currently.

If I had won the election, the SEA Publication we all  know today would have been NAAS Publication, and it probably would have gone into extinction immediately a new comrade emerge as the next president.

Every disappointment in life comes with a REASON, A LESSON then a BLESSING. Until you discover the REASON you cannot learn the LESSON and until you learn the LESSON you cannot embrace the blessing.

When people throw bricks at you, they expect you to crash and turn your dreams into trash. Now the option is left to you. You can pick up yourself like I did; use the bricks they threw at you to build a staircase that would lift you to the next phase of your life. These people that throw bricks at you see nothing good about you, so don’t make their assumptions about your life true by giving up on yourself.

Remember, the problem that has not killed you yet is not stronger than you, and the only problem that can be stronger than you is the problem that can subdue the power of God which I have not seen yet.  Don’t let them talk you down; don’t let them judge you with your current situation, if they were better than you they would be busy doing something better and more fulfilling.

Live your life the way God planned it, not the way people expect it to be. Be wise, but don’t be wiser than God.

Much love,

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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