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LESSON 15 OF 2013: Listen to your intuition. December last year, I was searching for someone that could help in the printing jobs of SEA Publication which would improve the quality of the publication and ease up some of the work load on my neck.

There was a certain guy on my Blackberry Messenger that I have not had a chat with since the day he added me. Something within me asked me to ask him if he knew anyone that could assist in the printing job, and to me surprise he linked me up with a man that could help. Today, this man he introduced to me has not just been a business associate, he has been a very close and useful friend.
Then I said to myself, if I had not followed my intuition that day, I would probably have not met such a wonderful man.

There are so many times I have decided to drop ideas from people, drop evidences and trust my own clear intuition, and on these occasions I have not been disappointed.

Always learn to listen to your mind, your inner self, your real you and especially when there would be no harm in trying it out. There is a special space for you at the top, don’t leave the space vacant.

Welcome to 2014!!!!
— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin



LESSON 13 OF 2013: This year I rooted deep into the secrets of successful people and during the process, I discovered a major reason why so many people are not successful.

A major reason why so many people fail is as a result of them not knowing what they exactly want in each area of their life’s. They have not actually taken their time to decide what they want, how what they want looks like, when they need to get what they want and how they would get what they want. They simply do not set goals for their life. They are simply purpose less

They are set of people that just wait for events to occur on their own, they believe in whatever would be will be not what they decided to be would be. They go about betting, playing lottery, living a careless, carefree and reckless life. This same set of people envy the successful ones, saying in their mind that they are more lucky than they are.

Note: Luck happen to those who have a specific and realistic plan for their life’s.

LESSON 14 OF 2013: People who think and talk more about what they want in a miraculous way seem to attract more and more of these very things into their life’s.

Likewise, people who spend the majority of their time discussing about what they don’t want, their fears, worries, negative situations and circumstances, seem to also miraculously attract these things into their life’s

Note: To be at the top, you must discipline yourself to think and talk about the things you want to happen in your life and you must try to avoid things that would make you think and talk about what you do not want.

Example: If you desire a new job, always try to think and talk about the things that would move you closer to getting a new job, things that would make you stay positive and alert for opportunities. Don’t discuss things like there are no jobs out there and I don’t think I would be able to get a good job. Drop thoughts like my certificate cannot get me a good job and at these point I don’t think I can get a job that would be befitting.

Remember: As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Your thoughts make you. Choose wisely!!!

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


LESSON 10 OF 2013: Every business man or woman would understand that when you are about to start a new business, there are three things you need to have in place to put the business together. 1) The right people. 2) The right opportunities. 3) The money.

There are many people that wait for these 3 conditions to manifest before they start something up even when they have fantastic IDEAS (many ideas have died waiting). I remember vividly that when I was about to start SEA Publication, there was no perfect opportunity, the money was not available in surplus and the right people were not forthcoming so I decided to use the available resources within my environment to complement my fantastic idea. Today, people have started volunteering to work with the publication and opportunities have started coming. If I had waited then, the IDEA would have died in my mind.

Like I would always tell myself, the only thing that can limit me is I MYSELF. The way I see things determine how they affect me. If all I see is impossibility, everything I do would be impossible to achieve. If all I see around me are problems, I would never be able to see meaningful opportunities.

So rather than waste my time looking at situations from a point of view that would not move me to the next level as a person, I would rather restrategise and change the perspective from which I see things. Remember the LESSON, all you need is an idea (plus the utilisation of the available resources within your disposal) to start something reasonable.

LESSON 11 OF 2013: You cannot be better than the people you spend most of your time with (you are the average of the 5 best people you spend most of your time with). I realised that one of the major reasons why I lived an unpleasant and unproductive life before was because of the friends I walked, ate and talked with.

Around March, I decided to change friends. I dropped majority of the almost useless friends and I opted for people that could rub their positive attitudes and lifestyle on me. People I could share ideas and experience with, people that could give loaded advise that would move my life to the next level. Today I am more productive, more responsible, more efficient and more reliable because I changed the people that surrounded me.

If you realise that your life is not moving the way its supposed to, then it is time to check the kind of friends you keep. What impact are they actually making in your life? If their impact is making your life move backwards then you must realise that you need to cut of the friendship before it cuts you off your purpose. Act fast just like I did and you would be happy with the outcome.

Note: Don’t drop people that are of no impact to you and go ahead to pick up new friends of the same calibre with the old ones. Remember, you desire a change and it must start now. Be wise!!!

LESSON 12 OF 2013: Year 2013, I learnt about the “law of correspondence” from a book written by Brian Tracy, titled Creating Your Future. The law says that your outer world tends to be a picture image of your inner word. What is going on outside of you is a reflection or manifestation of what is going on inside of you.

That law made me realize the words of one of my mentors, Titilayo Femi Kings. He would always talk about IMAGINATION . He would say you have the ability to be in Germany even when you are in Nigeria if you can picture it in your mind (see the picture in your mind).
Successful people are very conversant with this success tip.

Always remember, until you picture it in your mind, it would never become a reality. If you desire to have a car next year, picture yourself in your mind in this particular car of your choice and envision yourself driving the car. You would realise that the more you picture this car, the more you work towards fulfilling the dream of owning this car.

The mind is very powerful and it works well for those that utilize it well.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


LESSON 7 OF 2013: This year, I realised that many people are unhappy because they feel that they are not making spontaneous (what they are supposed to achieve in 4 years, they want to achieve in 2 years) progress in life. Many are sad with their life’s because they measure their progress and success level based on the performance and success of others rather than focus on personal development.

Like I learnt from Zig Ziglar, your progress in life is how you do what you do currently compared to the talents God has given you. November precisely, I was disturbed in my spirit because I taught I was not making any progress. During that period, an idea dropped in my spirit and I decided to type my name on google and check out for myself. To my surprise, I saw my articles on some blogs and about 3 writers made references to my works.

That moment, I decided to forget my worries and celebrate myself. That moment, I remembered how and where I started from, and I realised I have achieved more than what could make me worry. You have big plans (big dreams), you would still get there but you must realize that success come in small bits and until you celebrate these small bits, you will not get that big dream you have always imagined.

Celebrate your progress (be grateful for where you are now) while you aim higher and work harder for bigger success. I can’t wait to see you at the top.

LESSON 8 OF 2013: You cannot find true happiness and genuine success when you spend your time and resource doing the wrong things the right way. Many people fail not because they are not putting much effort in what they do, but because they are putting their efforts towards the wrong direction.

LESSON 9 OF 2013: Your ideas, business plans, initiatives, investments do not need to be perfect before you start them. I remember talking to a man sometimes in August and he told me somethings I would never forget. He said when microsoft started, they were so imperfect that almost all the Operating Systems they released then crashed, but they did not give up or stop there. They kept on developing new ones, and today they are by far better than where they started from. When blackberry started, they were not as fascinating as they are today, but they just kept on improving.

Many have ideas, but they are afraid of releasing them just because they feel the idea is not perfect enough. I remember when I was to release my first official article on my blog, I was scared and I wondered if people would ever read the article and appreciate it. I checked the words I used over and over again and at a time I decided to drop the article, but I am thanking God today that I did not drop it then.

I am thanking God not because the article was the best article I have written so far but because I have improved tremendously since I released that first article. Today I have published over 100 of my articles, and they have been widely accepted. Nobody is perfect, but you can near perfection with consistent practice. Start up that idea today and you would be thanking God like I did.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


LESSON 5 OF 2013:Early this year, I realised that achieving my set goals became easier than I expected. The secret is quite simple and funny. Write down all you plan to achieve, why you want to achieve them, how you want to go about achieving them, when you want to achieve them and the benefits you would derive from achieving them.

After writing down the answers, hang the why (reason for setting the goals), the how (how you intend to achieve them) and the when (the time you want to achieve them). As for the benefits you would derive from achieving this goals, tear that out and put it in your purse or wallet. This is the trick. Each time you are about to remove money from your purse or wallet, you would always see these benefits, and if they are truly benefits I am sure each time you see them you would get fired up to achieve your goals so the benefits can get within your reach.

I am sharing this secret with you because it has worked for me, and I believe it can work for you. This is my christmas secret, use it well to make your 2014 a more productive and planned year.

LESSON 6 OF 2013:Learning from other peoples experience makes a 4 years journey achievable in 2 years. Like my pastor would always say, experience is Gods slowest way of teaching his people and God uses mistakes to teach fools who are unwilling to sit at the feet of people that are above them to learn.

Early this month, I wanted to start a team for SEA Publication and I needed advise on how to make the team effective, productive and bring out industrious ideas that would move the publication to the next level. I decided to ask some few friends for advise and one of them was nice enough to give me an ebook written by Tomisin Ajiboye titled Asset Mapping 101. This ebook discussed ways you can bring out meaningful ideas from your team members using simple illustrations and examples. This book has given me ideas that would make my team more productive and I have started practising them. If I had not read that book, it would have taken me about a month or so to figure out ways to bring out the best from each of my new team members.

This year I have learnt a lot from books, Mentors and respectable people that have helped me become a better person. You also can move with respectable people, make meaningful and read useful books that would make you far better than you are currently. Its your Choice.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


LESSON 3 OF 2013:At some point in life, embarrassing problems would always set in. At this point in life, it’s never going to be easy (I have passed through this so I mean it when I say it’s never going to be easy), but the ability to overcome these embarrassing problems of today is what would bring about the success stories of tomorrow.

People that don’t encounter this kind of problems are people that have not tried anything worthwhile all through their life. Remember, the bigger the failure the bigger the testimony. From my experience, I have realised that it is easier to run from your problems, ignore them like they do not exist (which would never solve the problem). Get ruthless with your problems, rather than mourn and panic over them, overcome them and defeat them.

Common, you are bigger than every problem that comes across your path (that is what I tell myself). If David could kill goliath, then your problems are not permitted to intimidate and pull you down. Its not going to be easy but with God it could be easier than you can ever imagine, so you need to be focused and on the long run you would realise that it is worth it.

LESSON 4 OF 2013:This year, I learnt the perseverance principle from John Hagee (7 SECRETS OF SUCCESS FOR THE GRADUATES). There comes a time in life where quitting looks good, where problems seem insurmountable, when giants seem unbeatable, when mountains seem un movable, when defeat seem unexplainable and when retreat seem the only option. During this period, always remember the perseverance principle- IT IS ALWAYS TO SOON TO QUIT.

If I had not learnt this principle, SEA Publication would have stopped in March when I had serious financial issues. There were months when I would have decided not to run the publication, but then I would always remember that it is always to soon to quit.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


LESSON 1 OF 2013: I found the perfect definition for faith this year. FAITH simply means FINDING ANSWER IN THE HEART. Until you believe that something is achievable within the confinement of your heart (from within), it would never be achievable in reality. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. I remember around august this year, I wanted to start MOTIVATE IMAGES (a medium where I would inscribe motivational and success driven words on pictures formats) but I was not able to do it. I met some guys and they told me I would have to pay about 500 Naira per 1 and I definitely could not afford that and I could not allow this idea die inside of me because of money. Somehow, I believed in my heart that I could design myself using simple techniques and as at today, motivate images has over 150 pictures. I found an answer in my heart, and today it is working for me.

LESSON 2 OF 2013: The only thing that is impossible for you to achieve is something that you have not tried before. I remember vividly that around April I was planning to write a poem but I felt it was impossible for me so I could not write down anything meaningful. October precisely, I was challenged by a friend and I decided to try it, and guess what, it worked. From October 14 to date, I have written over 16 poems (less than three months). Before you say I am wrong about this, I challenge you to try it out. Prove me wrong and try it out. That impossible thing that you feel you cannot achieve, why not write it down and try it out. If this can work for me, then it can work for you to.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


It is time to ring the jingle bell
Angels singing yes I can tell
We are celebrating christmas
Coming together to celebrate christ in mass

What a glorious season
Jesus the definite reason
Long live the king
His name we all sing

He came in man form to die on the cross
He came purposely to carry our (sin) cross
His ways no man can understand
His wisdom no man can stand

He is a king yet very humble
At his feet enemies stumble
A king that was born in a manger
That would be strange to a stranger

At his birth he was wanted dead
A king that left his throne to make amend
On death blood filled his cup
Yet for our sake did not give up

My father my everything
He gave up his son that one thing
He is the world’s greatest gift
His love for me makes my mind shift

Composed By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin



When things turn sour,

Friends tend to run far,

Place your thoughts near,

In a broad space never give away to fear,

There is a friend above up there,

Not at all a disappointment to occur,

We can never fail with his all,

You are green but someone knows all,

Avoid chasing shadows,

It is void without no choice

Follow the star bright in the sky,

There are gold behind the seashores,

Any port in the storm,

GOD’s love never fail believe that thought.




One of the pathways to success is initiating change. That is, change is necessary for breakthrough and progress. Without change, everything remains static. When a man does not experience change at an expected time, life loses flavour and the man begins to complain. ‘’In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters’’ (Genesis 1: 1-2).

In the beginning, everything was static and God was not pleased as nothing seemed to work. God did something about it: He pronounced light into the darkness, Genesis 1:3. Maybe you are in a situation where everything seems to be in complete darkness, God would initiate a change by introducing his light.

The first step to initiate change is to have a VISION. Until you have a vision, you would be living an unfulfilled life. Don’t stop at where you are or accept defeat, there is a better future for you. Many of us love the glamor of change but do not want to face the change of pain. Abraham was able to initiate his own change by obeying Gods instruction and things began to move for him. People who can’t see things ahead of them remain stagnant. You need to move and as you do; new things would begin to happen in your life. God created you to be something in life, God gave you the power to make it and he is not going to leave you stranded. However, he is not going to come down to do it for you. Be alert and stand up to the challenges as they would birth miracles.

What do you see, a bright tomorrow or otherwise? Don’t see death, see life. Don’t see poverty, see prosperity. For a bright future, you need to claim life and abundance by consistently prophesying positively into your life. Stop blaming God, the devil or your challenges for any situation you are in. sometimes, problems remain with us because we fail to initiate a change. We need to think up great ideas, think outside the box and leave our comfort zones to get to the level God has destined for us.

Are you ready to follow the ONE who would give you the ideas, who has the key of life, the chief corner stone, JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD? He is the gift that God gave to this world too bring light, salvation and lead us to the promise land. Brace up today, follow JESUS and he would bless you and show you the way to go.

‘’But the path of the just is like the shinning sun that shines ever bright unto the perfect day’’ – Proverbs 4:18.