6 Mistakes Ladies Make With Men.

Nikky's Love Corner

Not only do guys make mistake with girls,the girls have their faults too,there are some things that are common with some ladies. Here are some mistakes ladies make with guys :
1. Being too forward: When a guy approaches you, there are reasons to his actions. Its either because he likes you,need an help from you or something else. Girls are fond of saying “he just wants to toast me,that’s all and am not interested,so what’s the point answering him”. Chill girls,some just need your friendship,help etc,try to get his route first,don’t be too forward. You might be wrong. Just pretend you don’t know that’s the likely thing on his mind. Give him the space to be himself.
2. Coming to conclusion too soon: When a guys asks for a date,we always feel he is going to ask for a relationship at that end,though it is common that way but…

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