This is a principle I learnt many months back. The principle has helped me a lot, and I have decided to share it with you my great friend.

C – CUE: These are the things you see or follow often that makes you do those things you do.

R – ROUTINE: These are the things you do as a result of the things you see or follow.

R – REWARD: These are the things you get or achieve as a result of the things you do.
Toyin is a young lady that is overweight and she seriously needs to shed some weight. She goes to the supermarket to get herself an exercise wear and trainers. On getting home, she hangs the exercise wears in her wardrobe and puts her trainers close to her bed.

When she wakes up every morning, the first thing she sees after her morning prayers is her trainers for exercise. This is her CUE.

She gets up, determined, she wears the trainers and her exercise wears and sets out to start her exercise. She does this consistently every day for one hour thirty minutes. This becomes her daily ROUTINE.

She does this consistently for over 6 months, and after a while she decides to go for check-up, and she is told that she has lost some weight. This is her REWARD.
Kola is a young, brilliant and hard working who just got admission into the university. He has promised himself that he would deliver nothing less than a first class.

After some months in the university, Kola meets some group of guys that are unserious with their studies and they prefer partying and moving around with ladies than reading and making meaningful research. This is what Kola sees every day. This is his CUE.

Kola soon joins his friends, he starts smoking, drinking, partying and flirting week-in week -out at the expense of his studies. This becomes his ROUTINE.
He does this over time, and after finishing the university, he comes out of the university with a third class degree. This is his REWARD.
Bukky is a young lady that has the ambition to become a lawyer. She likes the profession, and that is what she wants. Either she is a lawyer or nothing else.

She writes down her vision, breaks her vision down into goals, writes them down and places them where she can always see them. This is her CUE.

She goes on to put action into her goals on daily basics. This is her ROUTINE.

Over time, she continues this routine and she achieves her goals and then becomes a lawyer. This is her REWARD.

1. Before you can have a CUE, there must be a reason, a need to do or fulfil. The reason for Toyin was to lose weight, shola was to have a first class and Bukky was to become a lawyer.

2. The fact that you have a good reason does not mean that you would have a good CUE. This is exactly what happened to shola, he wanted to be a first class student but he actually came out with a third class because he had a bad CUE.

3. Until you get your CUE right, your daily ROUTINE would never produce the REWARD you desire.

4. For every of your daily ROUTINE, always try to find out the CUE. Make it a conscious effort, sit down, look at your daily ROUTINE and write down the CUE.

5. Your REWARD is the positive result and achievement of your CUE and daily ROUTINE. Your REWARD is the accomplishment of the REASON behind your CUE and your ROUTINE. Toyin wants to lose weight (reason), and after devotedly observing her CUE and ROUTINE, she achieved her RESULT which is her REWARD

6. If you want to change your daily ROUTINE, you must know the REASON why you do the things you do on a daily basis. For example, if I am a student and I don’t read my books regularly, what is the REASON? Sleep, movies, find out the REASON and correct it. You are a worker, and you are not working well at work, find out the REASON and correct it.

7. Having the right CUE is very important, but it does not guarantee the right ROUTINE all the time. Determination and focus helps to put your CUE to action in the right direction which results into your daily ROUTINE.
1. What do you need to accomplish.

2. What is your present CUE behind this accomplishment?

3. Would the CUE produce a positive or negative ROUTINE?

4. Would the ROUTINE produce a positive or negative RESULT?

5. What do I need to put in place to ensure that the CUE and the ROUTINE is consistent and effective?

6. Is the REWARD the real RESULT of what you need to ACHIEVE?

7. Is the CRR principle really effective?

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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