Quiet like a gentle dove
Heart burning like a well-lit stove
Lying down helpless on my bed
My eyes very red

Serious sufferings I have read
So many bad things people have said
Inequities I have seen
Our saviour where have you been

Numerous challenges waiting upfront
Many of them we can confront
Like I learnt from an old German prose
We were all born for a purpose

The journey so far has been very tough
The road has indeed been very rough
Even in our boundless travail
Yes I am sure we would prevail

All we need is the manifestation of Gods glory
We all want to hear a new story
Everywhere has become so messy
O Lord we need your mercy

Many say we need good transportation
Some say we need good education
To others leaders with vision
People with ability to take the right decision

My passion for Nigeria knows no bound
I don’t care how that may sound
Her dignity restoration I shall pursue
Her stolen pride I shall rescue

We need to know where we are going
We need to know what we should be doing
We need to start asking questions
We need to start seeking for solutions

I am a strong advocate of peace
I would strife to get it in different piece
Nigerians we need to start working together
Then things would get much better

At the end we would record in history
The sweet story of our countries victory
The peace and unity we have always wanted
One day would surely be granted

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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  1. iamtohlublaize says :

    Waooo, really incredible……I love the rhymes and the ‘lyrics’.
    You sure are the BOMB!!!!!!

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