1. Friendship starts with cliché conversations like how are you? How is the family? No feelings or thoughts are revealed here.

2. In the next level, activities are discussed. This is the tale-bearing level. This level is still a tender level.

3. The next stage of friendship is the sharing of ideas level. At this level, both friends are sensitive and are trying to check if the friendship would work out.

4. If the friendship survives the sharing of ideas level, they go on to revealing real feelings and emotions. Trust is born at this level.

5. The real level is born at this last stage. This is two human beings in absolute honesty. This is the definition of true friendship.

6. True friends don’t take ridiculous decisions when you misbehave. They cool down because they understand that your action was done for a reason.

7. There is no sincere friendship without genuine care and affection.

8. A friend that always wants to collect and never wants to give is a Subtraction friend.

9. A friend that talks way too much should not be told important things about your life.

10. A friend that mostly gossips about people when he or she is with you, would surely gossip about you when he or she is with other people in your absence.

11. A good friend is not a public relation officer that tells all your problems to the whole world.

12. A friend that has no plan for his life definitely has no plan for you.

13. The friends you give your ear-time to in a day, determines how you would use your remaining time for that day.

14. A friend that does not add idea, inspiration, focus, confidence and creativity to your future does not deserve you.

15. A friend that does not believe in himself would never believe in you.

16. Multiplier friends come into your life and multiply the good thing in your life. Divider friends come into your life to divide to the fullest every meaningful thing in your life. Addition friends come into your life to add to you. Their lifestyle motivates and propels you to success

17. Define your friendship. Each friendship should have a limit.

18. A friend is someone you can open up you heart to, and still feel comfortable.

19. A friend that refuses to add to your strength would add to your weakness.

20. Do your friends force the best or the worst out of you? This is definitely a question to think about.

Compiled By Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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  1. Akinbulumo oluwatosin says :

    Welldone SEA.Keep up the good work.

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