Your dream is prodigious. You see and consider the dream daily; you address it like one of those. You don’t see it as special. You plan to chuck it out. The dream can sound and drive people bonkers, but it is exceptional. You hear another’s dream and you feel yours can’t compete, so it’s veiled. It isn’t meant to vie in the first place. Never permit another’s dream to boss yours around. You have to push to grow your aspiration.

You have to be obsessed about your dream, think it, eat it, drink it, sleep it etc. Your dream should make you MAD (make a Difference). You can’t afford to let your dream look shabby. Dress it up always so people can buy into it. When the opportunity arises, don’t baulk to sell your dream, sell it like you’re going or stay at a marketing firm is dependent on it. On the line of dreams, yours can be asked out of it. They feel it’s not worth it, feel it’s their opinion. Your dream makes you lost in thoughts and you’re constantly in a trance into the future, but present-conscious. Your dream makes you termed a vagrant, a vagabond and a loser!

Your dream pushes you to limits. It stretches you mentally, physically, and psychologically. Your dream makes your lust for learning insatiable.
Learner! Your dream sees you trying to make senses out of guff. Creativity! People will chide you for doing things you love. Where you see greatness, they see forlornness. For every action of yours, you’re questioned. You are reminded of how a big idiot and failure you’re. Remain insistent on your dream even when people toss it away! Your dream increases your grit and daring spirit where and when others choose to go low-key. Many will withdraw from you for your insistence on keeping to your dream. Your dream dissevers you from those who don’t see what you see.

It seems like isolation, but sometimes you need isolation to gain inspiration to get incited. It’s in solitary confinements decision to get results to bless others starts raising its beautiful head. You need not prove anyone wrong or impress anybody. All you need is get results. It shuts people up.
When you look back and don’t see anyone, take a second gaze. God is behind urging you on! Never switch off the lighting of your dream because it seems like the world’s going to crash on you. Others see your dream as useless, but God sees it as priceless. No one can interpret and work your dream better than you can. Whatever you do, don’t stultify your dream. Don’t foreshorten it. Avoid distractions.

People who have refused to dream will tell or give you reasons why you shouldn’t dream or believe and work your dream. Nothing should throttle your ability to dream. The cheapest form of conveyance is the Imagination Inc. Little by little, you will start to feel the warmth of fresh air breezing your dream. Signs of your dream paving and opening new panoramas and you start witnessing tongue waggling. This time, they promote you via their ‘you don hear’ approach of dishing the dirt and you’re getting great PR services in disguise gratis. From one to two and the number of your dream-believers starts escalating. There’s a massive vamoose from Dream Doubters Party (DDP) to Dream Believers Party (DBP) and subsequently, Dream Supporters Party (DSP). Your Dream execution makes people want to identify with you. Everybody wants the champ as pal. Nothing is Impossible. Your dream’s possible. Believe it! Whatever you believe becomes true for you.

Where you’re born is a function of chance, but what becomes of you is a function of choice. Never let your environment define your dream or your ability to dream. Dream big and start executing. Work your dream and see you at the acme where you will look down memory lane with the ‘I did it’ feeling written all over you.

Till I write you again, keep winning! Gracias.

Agbara Paschal Leo.


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