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A director in a very big organization was asked about how he made it in life, and he attributed his success to poverty. The person asking him this question was shocked, and he decided to find out more by asking him how poverty was a main factor to him being successful in life, this prompted him to tell his story.

When he was young, his parents were very poor that even the poor called them poor. When they wanted to cause people, they would say you would be as poor as this family (his family), but his mother did not allow this to affect him.

She would always tell him that my son, “WE MAY NOT HAVE THE MONEY, BUT NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE BETTER THAN YOU UNTIL YOU GIVE THEM THAT RIGHT”. These words shook his bones, and he took the words as his motto in life.

When he finished primary school which was free education, he proposed in his heart that he was going to further his education, but there was no money. When he wrote common entrance in his state, he came out top and he was placed on a scholarship.

All through his secondary school days, he enjoyed free education. When he finished secondary school, he also proposed in his heart to further his education. Now, he had to be the best in his faculty, not just his department. He had 2 options,

1). He is the best, and he remains in school.

2). He is not the best, and he drops out of school because his parents are poor and there is no way he would be able to pay his school fees.

He proposed in his heart to be the best, and he won the scholarship all through his university days.

My fellow friends, what is your excuse for still remaining at the position and level you are now. If its poverty, then I am sure that you know that poverty is no excuse. The God that put you in the position you are today knows that you can overcome the problem, and you can make it in life (not just making it, but becoming the best in what you are doing).

Who are your friends, and are they friends that motivate you or always make you dejected. If I may ask, who are the people that surround you, are they people that always show you the good part of what you can become, or they are the people that show you your flaws and your weakness. Always be wise in your friend making decisions because your friend determines your altitude in life. A good friend would take you far in life, but a bad friend would move you down in life.

I would leave you with the words of the successful man’s mum “WE MAY NOT HAVE MONEY,BUT NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE BETTER THAN YOU UNTIL YOU GIVE THEM THAT RIGHT”.

God bless you, and have a lovely day. –

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (S.E.A).



6 Mistakes Ladies Make With Men.

Nikky's Love Corner

Not only do guys make mistake with girls,the girls have their faults too,there are some things that are common with some ladies. Here are some mistakes ladies make with guys :
1. Being too forward: When a guy approaches you, there are reasons to his actions. Its either because he likes you,need an help from you or something else. Girls are fond of saying “he just wants to toast me,that’s all and am not interested,so what’s the point answering him”. Chill girls,some just need your friendship,help etc,try to get his route first,don’t be too forward. You might be wrong. Just pretend you don’t know that’s the likely thing on his mind. Give him the space to be himself.
2. Coming to conclusion too soon: When a guys asks for a date,we always feel he is going to ask for a relationship at that end,though it is common that way but…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Have Sex Before Marriage

Nikky's Love Corner

Pre-marital sex has become the order of the day and youths feel its the right way to express love in a relationship but the fact is that,there a lot of dignity in waiting.
Here are 10 reasons to wait till marriage.

1. Sex is a powerful force that can destroy if not used properly. Like atomic power, sex is the most powerful creative force given to man. When atomic power is used correctly it can create boundless energy; when it is used in the wrong way it destroys life. Sex is the same kind of powerful force. Sex is a gift from God to give us
the greatest pleasure, to help in creating a deep companionship with one’s spouse and for
procreation of the next generation. But if you play with this powerful force outside the bounds of
marriage, it destroys you and those close to you.

2. Sexual activity…

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WILMA RUDOLPH was born prematurely, the 20th of 22 children, and wasn’t expected to live. A bout of polio among other illnesses that affected her infancy, left her leg crooked and her feet twisted inward, resulting in her wearing braces for the most of her childhood. Wilma, however, was determined to make a way for herself in the world where there was no brace.

When she was 11 years, she walked into the doctor’s office and told him, ‘’I have something I would did like to share with you’’. She proceeded to take the braces off and to walk where he was sitting. The doctor was amazed at this, and he asked her how long she was doing this. He was more amazed when he heard that she was doing it since the last year. Well since you have been honest with me, sometimes I would let you take them off and walk around the house.

Sometimes was the only permission she needed. She never put those braces on again. This was the end of the braces and the beginning of another phase of her life. Moving on into middle school and high school,

Wilma wanted not to only run, but to RUN AND JUMP with the other kids. She convinced the basketball coach that he should please give her 10 minutes every day to practise with the team and she promised to become a world-class athlete in return. At first he laughed at the 6 foot, eight-nine pound straggler, but in the end he agreed. The next year Wilma made his team.
With that same attitude and persistence, Wilma kept working.

When basketball season ended, she decided to try track, and that was when she realised how fast she was. As a fourteen year old high school freshman, Wilma started to work on a training team at the UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE.

Her persistence and determination really paid off. In 1956, she got a gold medal in the Olympics as part of the women 400 meter relay team, and in 1960, she became the first woman TO WIN 3 GOLD MEDALS in track and field events.

1. Through persistence, Wilma went from being crippled to being a champion.

2. Her situation made her realize her talent and she decided to put in her best. She saw a lot of potentials in her disabilities. What do you see in your disabilities, calamity or potentials?

3. She never gave up. Never give up on yourself because of your situation.

4. She didn’t let her background determine her altitude in life. Although her background was poor she never let her back remain on the ground. She was determined, focused and she persevered. That’s why we are all learning from her success story today.


This is a principle I learnt many months back. The principle has helped me a lot, and I have decided to share it with you my great friend.

C – CUE: These are the things you see or follow often that makes you do those things you do.

R – ROUTINE: These are the things you do as a result of the things you see or follow.

R – REWARD: These are the things you get or achieve as a result of the things you do.
Toyin is a young lady that is overweight and she seriously needs to shed some weight. She goes to the supermarket to get herself an exercise wear and trainers. On getting home, she hangs the exercise wears in her wardrobe and puts her trainers close to her bed.

When she wakes up every morning, the first thing she sees after her morning prayers is her trainers for exercise. This is her CUE.

She gets up, determined, she wears the trainers and her exercise wears and sets out to start her exercise. She does this consistently every day for one hour thirty minutes. This becomes her daily ROUTINE.

She does this consistently for over 6 months, and after a while she decides to go for check-up, and she is told that she has lost some weight. This is her REWARD.
Kola is a young, brilliant and hard working who just got admission into the university. He has promised himself that he would deliver nothing less than a first class.

After some months in the university, Kola meets some group of guys that are unserious with their studies and they prefer partying and moving around with ladies than reading and making meaningful research. This is what Kola sees every day. This is his CUE.

Kola soon joins his friends, he starts smoking, drinking, partying and flirting week-in week -out at the expense of his studies. This becomes his ROUTINE.
He does this over time, and after finishing the university, he comes out of the university with a third class degree. This is his REWARD.
Bukky is a young lady that has the ambition to become a lawyer. She likes the profession, and that is what she wants. Either she is a lawyer or nothing else.

She writes down her vision, breaks her vision down into goals, writes them down and places them where she can always see them. This is her CUE.

She goes on to put action into her goals on daily basics. This is her ROUTINE.

Over time, she continues this routine and she achieves her goals and then becomes a lawyer. This is her REWARD.

1. Before you can have a CUE, there must be a reason, a need to do or fulfil. The reason for Toyin was to lose weight, shola was to have a first class and Bukky was to become a lawyer.

2. The fact that you have a good reason does not mean that you would have a good CUE. This is exactly what happened to shola, he wanted to be a first class student but he actually came out with a third class because he had a bad CUE.

3. Until you get your CUE right, your daily ROUTINE would never produce the REWARD you desire.

4. For every of your daily ROUTINE, always try to find out the CUE. Make it a conscious effort, sit down, look at your daily ROUTINE and write down the CUE.

5. Your REWARD is the positive result and achievement of your CUE and daily ROUTINE. Your REWARD is the accomplishment of the REASON behind your CUE and your ROUTINE. Toyin wants to lose weight (reason), and after devotedly observing her CUE and ROUTINE, she achieved her RESULT which is her REWARD

6. If you want to change your daily ROUTINE, you must know the REASON why you do the things you do on a daily basis. For example, if I am a student and I don’t read my books regularly, what is the REASON? Sleep, movies, find out the REASON and correct it. You are a worker, and you are not working well at work, find out the REASON and correct it.

7. Having the right CUE is very important, but it does not guarantee the right ROUTINE all the time. Determination and focus helps to put your CUE to action in the right direction which results into your daily ROUTINE.
1. What do you need to accomplish.

2. What is your present CUE behind this accomplishment?

3. Would the CUE produce a positive or negative ROUTINE?

4. Would the ROUTINE produce a positive or negative RESULT?

5. What do I need to put in place to ensure that the CUE and the ROUTINE is consistent and effective?

6. Is the REWARD the real RESULT of what you need to ACHIEVE?

7. Is the CRR principle really effective?

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