Hello! Let’s do a quick re-cap of some of the things we’ve shared so far. First was that in order to succeed at school, or in anything, you must have and maintain a strong and persistent desire for success. Your desire is your drive, your motivation, your encouragement. If you have a strong desire, you cannot fail. If you don’t have a strong desire, you cannot succeed.

Secondly, your strong desire will drive you only as far as your thinking goes. Many students make the error of working towards having great results while thinking only averagely. They’re almost always disappointed because mental limitation is much stronger than physical efforts. Someone who doesn’t expect or see himself getting above the norm cannot understand beyond the norm and will not achieve more than the norm.

Why wouldn’t you see yourself going beyond the norm? Why haven’t you reached out for more even though you know you want more? Just like those monkeys from our second post, someone, something or some people may have made you think it’s not just possible to achieve more; or you may have tried before but didn’t succeed and so have given up trying. Whatever the case, it would seem to me that Life has sworn that no one who didn’t think big and believe for the best will ever produce big results. The best you can do is to break away from the crowd mentality and be authentic!

How do you do that? It’s easy; let me show you. When I got into college, I was quickly informed of several courses in which it was just impossible to have ‘As’. The more I heard this, the more I accepted it. The more I accepted it, the more incapacitated I became whenever I saw, heard or thought about those courses. Soon, I began thinking to myself, “It’s not so bad to have ‘Bs’ in FSC 105 and MEG 101 after all; at least I would have tried.” Of course this wasn’t what I wanted, but it was what they wanted me to believe. So I decided to write out the results I really wanted just so that I could see them and say them to myself as often as possible, in order to convince myself that I could achieve them. I almost wrote ‘Bs’ for those two courses, but I chose to be authentic instead.

Did I really believe that I’d achieve these results at the time? No I didn’t, but progressively I did and it helped me break away from the mental limitation. In the end, I had all ‘As’. And just to be sure, I asked a number of students to do the same and the results were consistent: even though not all got exactly what they wrote, every one of them performed much better than previously.

Therefore, I developed this process to help anyone break away from such mental limitations and be better able to achieve what they truly desire.

1. Have a definite academic goal; make it specific to grades or scores. The challenge most times is that students aren’t really sure what they want instead of the status quo. You should know what you want.

2. Develop a thoughtful plan for achieving your desired results; plan for reading, leisure, research etc., and immediately begin putting it to work. You may have to decide what activity or involvement you’d have to give up in order to follow your plan effectively.

3. Write your goals down, in all your notes say, and look at them as often as possible, saying to yourself that you will have those results until you feel confidently convinced that you can and you will.

You will begin to experience the psychological effect that moves you beyond those limits and help you develop the ability and confidence to reach out for the level of success you really desire.

Godwin Benson
(Founder Transtudent World)


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  1. Seun Odukoya says :

    I think these pieces of advice go beyond just academics and can be applied in life generally.

    Nice one. Thank you for sharing.

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