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One of the most important rules of happiness in life is to do what you love. But discovering that dream job and what you are meant to do in life isn’t always so easy. Take a look at the happiest, most successful people on this planet: they are all doing something they love, creating something they believe in, living a life of purpose and passion. Do that, and it doesn’t matter how much money you make. But what do you do if you don’t know what you want to do? If you don’t know what your dream is? This is a common problem, and many people wander through much of their life without discovering their passion, and go from job to job, unfulfilled and miserable.

If that’s you, don’t give up. What follows is a list of suggestions that will help you discover your dream, and start on the road to living that dream. They’re things that have worked for me and many others I’ve studied, talked to, interviewed and admired. While you don’t need to do every step below, they are all ways for your to spend time thinking about your passion in life, your dreams, and how to accomplish them. If you spend time thinking about your dreams, you are taking the first step towards making them a reality.

The first step is to give this stuff some thought.

1. What are your hobbies? This doesn’t just mean stamp collecting — it means anything you do with your spare time. That could be collecting comic books, reading about history, programming Linux utilities, writing on your blog, writing poetry, cooking, whatever. As it’s clear that this is how you like to spend your time, and that you’re willing to do these things without pay, it’s very possible that these are your passions. Give each of your hobbies some thought, and think about whether they’re things you love to do, and that you’d love to do for a living.

2. What are your talents? It’s been said that we each have at least one gift we’ve been given, and that the true purpose of our lives is discovering that gift, and sharing it with the world. There is much truth in that statement, and an important part of this process is discovering your gift. What are you good at? What talents do you have? What have you shown an aptitude for in your current and previous jobs, in school, in your personal life? Anything goes here.

3. Who do you like to work with? A dream job includes not only what you want to do, but who you are doing it with. You should truly enjoy working with these people. In this step, you can name specific people you love working with, or types of people (creative types, programmers, entrepreneurs, blue collar, etc.). Use your ideas here to help you envision your dream job .

4. What do you like to work with? The tools of the job are very important. If you love working with computers (even a specific type of computer because forme, i enjoy working with Samsung), that’s a clue to your dream job. If you love working with clay, or paper, or people, or clothes, that’s a clue. If you like working with a hammer, or a piano, you’re off to a great start in discovering your dream.

5. What environment do you enjoy working in? An office, a college, a classroom, a construction site, the ocean, the forest? Where you work is also an important factor in your dream job.

6. When have you been happiest? Think back throughout all the previous times of your life, from childhood through adolescence, school, different jobs, different areas, different hobbies. Think about the happiest times of your life, and what you were doing, who you were doing it with, and where you were doing it. You may have dismissed some of these things for various reasons, but remembering that you were extremely happy during those times can make you realize why you were happy.

7. Try online tools. There are some great tools online for helping you find your purpose. Here are just a few of my favorites:
o 43 Things: How to Choose Achievable Goals.
o Dreamminder: A site where you read the dreams of others to get inspired.
o One Question: Take a test with questions to figure out your one purpose in life. With articles to help as well.

8. List your top 5 passions. Now that you’ve given various factors some thought, and tried some online tools, make a short list of your top 5 passions. If you don’t have 5, list as many as you have. Then compare your top 5 passions, and rank them from top to bottom. This will be the starting point your guide to making your dream a reality.

9. How can you turn your passions into your work? Of the top 2-3 passions on your short list, can any of them be turned into your life’s work? What professions use those passions as a mainstay of their work? How would you get into those professions, and do you think you would love what you do if you did them?

10. Create a clear vision. Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your dream once you’ve discovered it. Take some time to think about exactly what your dream is, what your dream job would be, how you see yourself doing it, where you are, what you’re surrounded by, who you’re working with, what tools you’re using, the benefits to you and others. Write it down, and try to make it as clear as possible. You should be able to visualize this dream in your head. The more real it seems in your mind, the more likely it is that it will become reality.

11. Create a roadmap. Once you’ve clearly pictured your destination, what’s left is creating a map for getting to that destination. Try backwards planning: what’s the last step you’d have to do before attaining your goal? What would the last step be before that step?

The second edition would be released soon.

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The laws of becoming states that;

The result you get in your life is as a result of the substance you have programmed in your mind. The only way to change yourself is to change your mind. Many people are bound to be successful and great in life, but their mind-set is made up of poverty, failure and bad thoughts. You don’t have to go far, you don’t have to travel, and you don’t have to look far off before you change yourself. Your first point of change should start from within you.


It is not only who you are, but what you think of yourself that matters. Let’s take the example of a man that thinks like a woman, he would always behave like a woman, and a woman that thinks like a man would always behave like a man. Who you think you are goes a very long way in shaping your life, and that’s how powerful the mind is. Many people fail in their academics, business, project, work and other activities because they believe that there is nothing good that can come out of them that would move anything they do forward. If God wants to bless a man and he has in him the poverty mentality, he would not be able to receive the blessing of God until he changes his thought because a bad mind can never bring forth good things.


What people believe about you is not as important as what you believe about yourself because what you believe about yourself carries more power and strength than what others believe about you. If you have a poor mentality, you would always remain poor and people would always see you as being poor, but when you see yourself as being rich people would envision it in you and would always see you as a rich man even when you don’t have the money yet. A man once told me that he does not say that he is poor but he is broke because been broke is a temporary stage in life, and being poor is a state of mind.


A great man once said that the best fighters are not made on the ring; they are made on the training ground. These fighters are those that have learnt to believe in themselves when nobody is ready and willing to believe in them, they take their time to train and do extra exercise just to ensure that they become champions. I was watching a competitive program, and before the final stage of the competition, they interviewed all the contestants that made it to the finals. During the interview, they asked the eventual winner of the event and what he said showed that he had become the winner in his mind, so we were not surprised when he won it. He said


Your mind is just like a computer, what you garbage in is what you would garbage out. There is no miracle or magic that can be performed there. When the children of Israel left Egypt, they still had the Egypt mentality in them (Groaning, slavery, mourning, dependency) so they always wanted to go back to Egypt even when they had left. Until they uprooted the Egypt spirit, they could not enter into the promise land. Until you think like a king, you can never become a king and until you think like the best student in you department, you can never be the best student in your department. Until you think like the best in your working place, you would never become the best and until you see our product as the best the customers can ever get, they would not see it as the best. It all starts from the mind.


— Copyright @ 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


Hello! Let’s do a quick re-cap of some of the things we’ve shared so far. First was that in order to succeed at school, or in anything, you must have and maintain a strong and persistent desire for success. Your desire is your drive, your motivation, your encouragement. If you have a strong desire, you cannot fail. If you don’t have a strong desire, you cannot succeed.

Secondly, your strong desire will drive you only as far as your thinking goes. Many students make the error of working towards having great results while thinking only averagely. They’re almost always disappointed because mental limitation is much stronger than physical efforts. Someone who doesn’t expect or see himself getting above the norm cannot understand beyond the norm and will not achieve more than the norm.

Why wouldn’t you see yourself going beyond the norm? Why haven’t you reached out for more even though you know you want more? Just like those monkeys from our second post, someone, something or some people may have made you think it’s not just possible to achieve more; or you may have tried before but didn’t succeed and so have given up trying. Whatever the case, it would seem to me that Life has sworn that no one who didn’t think big and believe for the best will ever produce big results. The best you can do is to break away from the crowd mentality and be authentic!

How do you do that? It’s easy; let me show you. When I got into college, I was quickly informed of several courses in which it was just impossible to have ‘As’. The more I heard this, the more I accepted it. The more I accepted it, the more incapacitated I became whenever I saw, heard or thought about those courses. Soon, I began thinking to myself, “It’s not so bad to have ‘Bs’ in FSC 105 and MEG 101 after all; at least I would have tried.” Of course this wasn’t what I wanted, but it was what they wanted me to believe. So I decided to write out the results I really wanted just so that I could see them and say them to myself as often as possible, in order to convince myself that I could achieve them. I almost wrote ‘Bs’ for those two courses, but I chose to be authentic instead.

Did I really believe that I’d achieve these results at the time? No I didn’t, but progressively I did and it helped me break away from the mental limitation. In the end, I had all ‘As’. And just to be sure, I asked a number of students to do the same and the results were consistent: even though not all got exactly what they wrote, every one of them performed much better than previously.

Therefore, I developed this process to help anyone break away from such mental limitations and be better able to achieve what they truly desire.

1. Have a definite academic goal; make it specific to grades or scores. The challenge most times is that students aren’t really sure what they want instead of the status quo. You should know what you want.

2. Develop a thoughtful plan for achieving your desired results; plan for reading, leisure, research etc., and immediately begin putting it to work. You may have to decide what activity or involvement you’d have to give up in order to follow your plan effectively.

3. Write your goals down, in all your notes say, and look at them as often as possible, saying to yourself that you will have those results until you feel confidently convinced that you can and you will.

You will begin to experience the psychological effect that moves you beyond those limits and help you develop the ability and confidence to reach out for the level of success you really desire.

Godwin Benson
(Founder Transtudent World)


1. Be positive: Note, the only person that can stop you from achieving your goal is you. Have a positive mind-set and never give in to any sort of negativity.

2. Be creative: Creative people rule the world. The best way to get a distinct and unique result is to open up your mind to creativity. Understand that creativity start from the mind, harness it. Use different unique methods and techniques to achieve your goals.

3. Be happy to achieve your goals: People that are not happy to achieve their goals, see their goals as burden thus making them to lose focus, direction and purpose. Fall in love with your goals.

4. Be articulate: Write down your goals. Goal setting becomes easier when they are easily accessible to always remind you of what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve and the techniques you would use to achieve what you want to achieve.

5. Be evaluative: Evaluate yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the time limit you set for each of your goals. Check how you are progressing and compare with the level you expect yourself to be, and then make possible recommendations.

6. Be SMART: Your goals must be specific (what do I want to achieve). It must be measurable (would I know if I am progressing or I am still on one spot). It must be achievable (would you be able to achieve it or it’s a mission impossible). It must be realistic (does the goal look real to you). it must be time planned (your goal must have an expiry date. It my last for an hour, a week, a month or a year).

7. Be wise: Don’t set your goals to please those around you. Set your goals to make yourself better and well established, set your goals to make others better and set your goals to make your world better and not to impress people.

8. Be affirmative: Remind yourself every day that you can achieve your goals. It has been proven that what you tell yourself over time gets into your subconscious mind and it makes such thing easier to accomplish.

9. Be patient: Remember that Rome was not built in a day, so don’t expect your goals to be achieved in a day. You start getting the results after some time. Be patient and ensure that you give all it takes.

10. Be purposeful: To every goal comes a reason. Never forget the purpose of setting your goals. They serve as a motivator to achieving your goals.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


1. Honesty: Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to, when you are responsible for a team of people, it’s important to raise the bar even higher. Your business and its employees are a reflection of yourself, and if you make honest and ethical behavior a key value, your team will follow suit.

Promote a healthy inter office lifestyle, and encourage your team to live up to these standards. By emphasizing these standards, and displaying them yourself, you will hopefully influence the office environment into a friendly and helpful work space.

2. Ability to Delegate: Finessing your brand vision is essential to creating an organized and efficient business, but if you don’t learn to trust your team with that vision, you might never progress to the next stage. It’s important to remember that trusting your team with your idea is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Delegating tasks to the appropriate departments is one of the most important skills you can develop as your business grows. The emails and tasks will begin to pile up, and the more you stretch yourself thin, the lower the quality of your work will become, and the less you will produce.
The key to delegation is identifying the strengths of your team, and capitalizing on them. Find out what each team member enjoys doing most. Chances are if they find that task more enjoyable, they will likely put more thought and effort behind it. This will not only prove to your team that you trust and believe in them, but will also free up your time to focus on the higher level tasks, that should not be delegated. It’s a fine balance, but one that will have a huge impact on the productivity of your business.

3. Communication: Knowing what you want accomplished may seem clear in your head, but if you try to explain it to someone else and are met with a blank expression, you know there is a problem. If this has been your experience, then you may want to focus on honing your communication skills. Being able to clearly and succinctly describe what you want done is extremely important. If you can’t relate your vision to your team, you won’t all be working towards the same goal.

Training new members and creating a productive work environment all depend on healthy lines of communication. Whether that stems from an open door policy to your office, or making it a point to talk to your staff on a daily basis, making yourself available to discuss inter office issues is vital. Your team will learn to trust and depend on you, and will be less hesitant to work harder.

4. Confidence: There may be days where the future of your brand is worrisome and things aren’t going according to plan. This is true with any business, large or small, and the most important thing is not to panic. Part of your job as a leader is to put out fires and maintain the team morale. Keep up your confidence level, and assure everyone that setbacks are natural and the important thing is to focus on the larger goal.

As the leader, by staying calm and confident, you will help keep the team feeling the same. Remember, your team will take cues from you, so if you exude a level of calm damage control, your team will pick up on that feeling. The key objective is to keep everyone working and moving ahead.

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A student failed in law and decided to make a deal with professor.

Sir, do you know everything about law?

Professor: Yes.

Student: If you can answer this question, I will accept my final marks, if you can’t; you have to give me “A”.

The Professor agreed.

Boy asked, “What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal & neither legal nor logical?”

The Professor thought about it for hours & pondered but no answer. He finally had to give up as he really did not know and he gave the boy an “A”.

The following day, professor asked same question to his students.

He was shocked when all of them raised their hands. He asked one student.

The student answered “Sir, you are 65, married to 28 years old woman; this is legal but not logical. Your wife, is having an affair with a 23 year old boy, this is logical but not legal. Your wife’s boyfriend has failed in his exam and yet you have given him an “A”, this is neither logical nor legal.”

The professor collapsed…


1. Does he/she make me laugh?

2. Does he/she make me feel comfortable, can I say anything to him/her?

3. Does he/she respect my body, mind and views?

4. Take away his/her most beautiful attribute, would I still stay?

5. Can we face the storm together?

If your answers to these questions is yes then you are on the right track, if it’s a no, then you need to re-evaluate your relationship. The one problem we have is that we rush in and out of relationships, just because it doesn’t look rosy today does not mean it won’t get better. The fact that he isn’t driving a range rover sport or taking you on trips to the Bahamas does not mean he won’t give you all the love you deserve, the fact that she is not model thin with a body to die for does not mean she is not the perfect girlfriend.

We need to look beyond the physical and begin to appreciate what people have inside, beauty without brains or skills is like having a plastic Barbie doll as a girlfriend, and a handsome rich guy who doesn’t know how to treat a lady is a big waste of time.

Another problem we face is the lack of the God factor. It’s simple, God is love and love is God, without him you cannot have a successful relationship, he is the creator of everything and he alone can show you how to love your partners. He alone can make it work. After acquiring the God factor, you must make sure that your partner is your friend; friendship is a key ingredient in any relationship. If he/she does not know you, cannot tell how you are feeling, make you happy when your down and successfully change your mood, all this without any form of intimacy, then he cannot or does not deserve your heart. If you can take away the intimacy in a relationship and still love your partner then you both can stand the test of time, such a relationship will last forever. Such a relationship will be fun because you both will be free to talk about anything, express yourself properly with no barriers and most of all tell each other the truth.

The next thing you need for a successful relationship is trust. Trust is the foundation of a relationship, building your relationship on trust ensures that that relationship last long. If you don’t trust your partner you would be like a leaf that goes anywhere the wind blows, you will believe everything and anything you hear, doubts will take over your mind and you will eventually become paranoid.

Note that trust isn’t something that you get just like that, it grows, it like a seed that is planted in the heart of your partner and your day to day actions waters this seed, causing it to grow until it becomes a tree that blooms. Also, like any tree it can be uprooted when you betray the trust of your partner. Without trust, your relationship is nothing. Trust your partner no matter what, and let love take its course. Even though you have been betrayed once, do not close your heart to trust because if you do, you cannot truly love anyone.

With these three things, your relationship will be the best ever; God, friendship and trust are the spices for a long lasting, enduring relationship.

Notice I said nothing about intimacy or sex? This is because; sex is and will never be a criterion for a good relationship. Contrary to popular belief you can have a wonderful relationship without sex. It just happens to be a perk but not a pre-requisite. So ladies never ever let any man tell you that offering your body will make the relationship work, if it wasn’t working before you had sex, it won’t work after.

Don’t be deceived and guys I ask the question, beyond sex what else. I’m guessing you have no answer for that question, which is because you don’t think beyond sex. Granted, sex could be fun but it should not be the main reason for going into a relationship. If you pursue sex, once you get it, you will lose interest.

Seek God, find your friend, trust your friend, don’t fall in love, grow in love because if you fall, one day you will get up and realize you are no longer in love but if you grow, you will never stop loving the person. With these, the sky is just the starting point in your relationship.

Good luck!!!!!!