A young lady was dating a guy,and they loved themselves so much,but as the relationship began to grow,the guy started misbehaving and he found pleasure in taking the girl for granted. After sometime,the young lady could not withstand it,so she decided to end the relationship.

About three months later,she got another guy who loved,appreciated and cherished her for who she was. He liked her character,and tolerated her differences. They later married and gave birth to children’s. This man became the mayor of the state and he was successful in all his endeavors.

On a particular day,the mayor and his wife(the lady) were traveling on a journey and they decided to buy fuel. On getting to the fuel station, to their greatest surprise the fuel attendant was the ladies former boyfriend. The wife got down and spoke extensively with the man.

The mayor having heard about her former boyfriend was proud of himself,and he told the wife when she was done speaking with the man that “thank God you married me”. The wife thought for some minute,shook her head and told her husband the following words

“Thank God you married me because if it was the former boyfriend i married, he would be the mayor and you(her husband) would have been the fuel attendant”.

This woman knew her worth,and she understood the fact that anybody that has her in his or her life is lucky because of the good characters and attributes that she possesses. She was quick to understand that the way you place yourself is the value that others would place on you. In order words,the way you treat yourself is the currency that others would use in pricing you.

Have you just written an interview,and you were not picked and now you feel like this is the end for you? Have you just asked a lady you love so much OUT and she gave you a capital NO because she does not believe you have anything reasonable to offer to yourself not to talk of offering to her,and now you feel like a piece of rag? Have you just embarked on a new project and you have failed out rightly?

Have you just being insulted and embarrassed by someone,and you said its because you have no worth,that’s why such thing happened to you? Have any circumstance happened to you,that has pulled your moral and self esteem down?

My brother brighten up,my sister start smiling because that company that did not employ you has just lost the best worker they could ever have,and that girl or guy has just lost the person that could bring joy,happiness and a complete positive change to his or her life.

Anybody,group of people,company or companies that fail to accept you has just lost the best person they wish they have always had.

In knowing your worth,the kind of mind set and thinking you possess plays a long way in determining what you would become and the kind of people that would be in your life.
You must always accept the fact that you are a king and you are a queen,and kings and queens don’t go below their worth and they don’t beg people to be in their lives.

NOTE: When you place yourself above your worth, you tend to become proud. Always develop yourself every day, get better everyday and be the best you can be at everything you do. In doing this, YOUR WORTH WOULD BE HIGHER THAN YOUR EXPECTATION.


— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin


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