problem 1

Talking to us that faithful afternoon, she told us her story……..

7 years ago there was a promotion that was scheduled for staffs at my place of work, and like every other person I was expecting promotion. Unlike others, they had doubts in their mind (would they promote me, would they not promote me) but I was not worried because I knew that I had worked hard enough and with this confidence I decided not to go into serious prayer and fasting like I used to.

Few days to the day the letter of promotion was to be shared, other staffs went around doing all sorts of things to impress the ogas at the top but I went around doing my own normal activities. The judgment day came, and on this particular day I was out of the company to get some raw materials for production when the letters were shared. When I came back, I realized that all eyes were on me and before I got to my table to pick up my letter, I had heard about ten (10) ‘’SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED’’. I was shocked and surprised but I decided to pick up my letter and read up for myself before making any sort of conclusion.

Reading the letter, tears dropped from my eyes. I tried controlling it with my perfect smile, but the more I tried to cover up the more my emotions let me down. I had just been asked to go home without any serious reason; I was sacked without any offense. If I had gotten the letter alone, I would have pretended like nothing happened and would have sneaked home, but everybody had heard the gist and as at that time it was the rave of the whole building. This made me wonder, why does bad news spread so fast? Many said, some whispered, some back lashed and some mocked me.


Packing the few things my strength could carry, I left the office in shame, sadness, bitterness and tears. I had never experienced such a day in my life, and I wished a magician could perform some spell and take me home without having to pass through the company’s gate. I arranged myself and left for my house, my head was aching, my eyes were deep red and my legs were heavy. I got home and told my husband all that happened, and being a friend he counseled me and told me that the God that provided that job for me would give me a better job. I had to say amen even when deep inside of me I had lost complete faith in myself.

The next day, I left home around past ten (10) in my casual wear instead of my usual Office attire to pick my left over properties so that the person that was to resume in my place could start work with immediate effect. Getting to the office, I was told by a colleague that the Managing Director of the firm wanted to see me. I must confess, at that moment Different thoughts came into my mind. Why does this man want to see me was the first question that popped into my brain. I had just recovered from the shock I received yesterday and he still wants to add another injury to my already naked bone. How wicked people can be, I wondered and sighed deeply.

Getting to his office, I gave him that smile that was quenched by the letter his team prepared for me yesterday. I was expecting him to start giving me the reasons why I was sacked but rather he started apologizing. We are very sorry for what happened yesterday as per the Sack Letter. He explained further

‘’ When the news circulated that you were sacked, four (4) top officials in the management board called and seriously warned me to reverse your sack letter. I was adamant at first because the team that planned your sack letter thoroughly carried out researches and after much investigation pulled your name out as one of the people that needed to be offloaded. When the members of the management board called me over and over again to ask if I had reversed the letter, I had no other choice than to pick up your file and check your record myself. I was dazed when I saw your record, everything written about  you there was respectable and commendable, so I decided to see you and apologize for not ascertaining myself before signing the letter’’.

After he told me this, he gave me a new letter and instead of getting promotion one (1) step ahead, I was given promotion three (3) step ahead.  This has never happened in the history of the company and since then I have not seen such occurrence happen again. What surprised me the most was that up till now, I have not seen or come in contact with those top management board members that fought on my behalf. Now I am a full time manager in this company as a result of the situation I termed ‘’THE END OF MY WORLD’’.

Her story triggered me to write to all those out there that have lost hope as a result of the problems they are facing currently.

problem 2

Remember that

  1. She would not have been promoted three steps ahead if she had not encountered the disgrace and embarrassment of being sacked.
  2. The people that helped her would not have fought on her behalf if she had been promoted just one step ahead, they would have seen it as a very good promotion but that actually was not where she was supposed to be.
  3. The Managing director of the company would not have picked up her file himself if such situation had not occurred.
  4. The attitude towards work before the problem came was what made the top management people to help her.
  5. If she had behaved bad after receiving the letter, and started cursing everybody present, the people that wold have helped her would have been discouraged and would have not taken any action towards helping.
  6. There was a positive reason for her negative problem.

I hope you have gained something from this article my dear friend. Always remember that every problem is a test that shows that you are ready for the next promotion and your ability to tackle the problem shows if you would be promoted to the next level, remain at the level you are now or you would be demoted from the level where you are currently. Remember, no test of life is easy but it is your choice to determine to positively overcome this test. It is well.

— Copyright @ 2013  Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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