HAVE YOU HEARD THAT It is better to have little and be godly than to be very rich and be dishonest, live humbly with the poor than to share plunder with the proud. What is gotten or achieved by dishonesty may be enjoyed like the finest food but sooner or later it would be like a mouthful of sand (useless).

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man is filled with kind words which are sweet to the soul and healthy to the body. His wise words satisfy like a good meal, he is always loyal, and people around help him in times of trouble. He uses encouraging words to cheer people up because he knows that worry weighs people down.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT Fools eagerly listen to gossips, pay close attention to slanders, plants seeds of quarrel, tell gossips that separate best of friends, mock the poor and rejoices at the misfortune of others.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man forgives a fault so that love will prosper, he loves peace so he is far from rebellion, and he never repays good with evil so that evil would be far from his house. He is very patient, and he is quick to overlook offences.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT Wise words do not fit the mouth of a fool, and lies do not fit the mouth of a wise man? A proverb in the mouth of a fool is as useless as a paralysed leg and honouring a fool is as foolish as jumping down a cliff thinking that you would grow the wings to fly. An employer who employees a fool as a full time worker or a part time worker is like an archer who misses all his shot.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT The difference between a wise man and a fool is the fact that a fool hates knowledge and does not show understanding and he therefore destroyed by his own complacency. It is senseless to pay tuition to educate a fool because he has no heart for learning. A fool has no interest in understanding and he believes in only his opinions.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A truly wise man uses few words and he runs away from people that talks too much because his secrets are not safe with them. Even fools are taught wise when they keep silent; with their mouth shut they seem intelligent.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man listens to the fact before he concludes so as to avoid being a fool and to avert disgrace. A wise man does not interfere in someone else argument.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man does not speak first, he lets others speak, he cross examines their words, remove the truth, leave the unimportant ones, add his ideas then speak out. He only talks about things he knows about and he keeps mute about things he doesn’t know about so that when he talks, his words would be more valued than silver or gold.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man runs from senseless arguments because it separate’s friends easily, and he is far from offending meaningful friends because they are harder to win back. He does not answer the foolish arguments of fools, because he is not as foolish as they are and they might end up making him look foolish.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A fool ruins himself by his own stupid action and then he turns back to commit more sin by blaming the lord.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man does himself a favour by learning all he can then he does not forget all he learnt so he prospers. When a wise man stops learning, he would soon neglect what he already knows and then become old and foolish.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man plans ahead before he leaves his house every morning. A fool searches for hasty shortcuts that lead him to poverty, but the wise fasteneth to good planning and hard work

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man does not betray his mind and conscience; he would always remain in power as long as he remains honest, just, fair and he does not betray those who trust him

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A lazy man is a fool that dreams but he never does. He sees opportunities but never take advantage.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man makes more money than he spends. He spends a little then reinvests the rest. He chooses a good reputation over great riches. That is why he is being held in high esteem and even valued more than silver and gold. A fool loves pleasure and luxury so he spends all the money he has on him to get them. That is why he is never rich.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man admires both the strength of the youth and the Gray hair of the old people? He uses the knowledge and wisdom of the old because he knows they have a healthy wealth of experience, and he uses the strength and zeal of the youths to reach greater heights

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man makes his children fortunate by being honest and doing the right thing, his honest dealings with people make way for his children when they need the help of others. He is always sincere in his business and straight forward in all his doings

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT All what you just read was skillfully extracted from the BIBLE, a book filled with wisdom and knowledge. Have you read yours today?

— Copyright Seun Emmanuel Alaofin @ 2013


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3 responses to “HAVE YOU HEARD (SEASON 1)?”

  1. nikziead says :

    Coool, love it.

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