Whilst reading this, what is it that is running through your mind?. Are you at the point of giving up or still giving good THOUGHTS to those many situations confronting you or rather, are you working out SOLUTIONS and viable options to them.

I will be sharing the next few tips with you which I certainly believe will help guide you in making very informed DECISIONS concerning your present status.

You might be faced with lots of struggles, strives, here and there, despite all of those, say to yourself, I won’t GIVE UP.

In the midst of the unpleasantness, embrace with wisdom, positive OPPORTUNITIES that would definitely come(they sure would) because you
have refused to give UP.

Opportunities that would be stepping stones, that would bring the right people your way, that would ensure you are at the right place at the right time waiting to CONNECT to destiny, amounting to a date with destiny but like earlier said, do not give UP.

Whilst waiting to connect with destiny, thoughts of one’s self, family, friends, relations and their respective issues will certainly find its way to your mind constantly but keep your head raised and focused on BETTER days else you will give UP.

Grasping the opportunity, be very sure you really want to do it. Carry those closest to you along to AVOID doing the first thing last. Some would encourage you, some will disagree with your plans but your decision not to give up will be a driving FORCE as to be able to convince them to support you.

Be very much reminded that the moment you decide to opt out of ‘playing along’, many will kick against you but not to worry, they are just too LATE because you cannot give up. Just as all these are going on, ensure that the work that will not only REVEAL but celebrate you is going on because the D-day is close at hand.

GRACE cannot be sidelined. In the course of the work to get out of the frustrating situations, with God already involved, Grace will connect you to people that will assist you to get out of it but mind you, while it does, you must have been tidying all loose ends.
Remember, opportunity + preparation = SUCCESS.

You are finally approaching your EXPECTATION and you are busy dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. The spirit of not giving up has engrossed you. Very close to your expectation being met and little shortcoming in your work has been spotted by the ‘WALL’ that stands between you and your expectation*surprised but calm*. Don’t be troubled, aside those closest to you speaking up, Grace will ‘grace’ the occassion for you and the shortcoming is overlooked.

Giving up is not an OPTION even at that point. That very moment, the world shifts its attention to you and everyone joins in celebrating your HUGE success. Before you REASON the likelihood of your success, put into good consideration, the consequences of giving up.

You can do it, You can break those barriers, You can pull down those walls, you can be celebrated, you can be active and not passive but that is if you DON’T/ WON’T GIVE UP. I can feel that heavy breathe indicating a sigh of relief which simply tells me you won’t give up no matter what.

On a last note, your moment will come some day, what determines your triumph that day will depend on the AMOUNT of work you have been putting in. You are the best, you CAN.

— Copyright © 2013 AGBARA PASCHAL LEO

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