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problem 1

Talking to us that faithful afternoon, she told us her story……..

7 years ago there was a promotion that was scheduled for staffs at my place of work, and like every other person I was expecting promotion. Unlike others, they had doubts in their mind (would they promote me, would they not promote me) but I was not worried because I knew that I had worked hard enough and with this confidence I decided not to go into serious prayer and fasting like I used to.

Few days to the day the letter of promotion was to be shared, other staffs went around doing all sorts of things to impress the ogas at the top but I went around doing my own normal activities. The judgment day came, and on this particular day I was out of the company to get some raw materials for production when the letters were shared. When I came back, I realized that all eyes were on me and before I got to my table to pick up my letter, I had heard about ten (10) ‘’SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED’’. I was shocked and surprised but I decided to pick up my letter and read up for myself before making any sort of conclusion.

Reading the letter, tears dropped from my eyes. I tried controlling it with my perfect smile, but the more I tried to cover up the more my emotions let me down. I had just been asked to go home without any serious reason; I was sacked without any offense. If I had gotten the letter alone, I would have pretended like nothing happened and would have sneaked home, but everybody had heard the gist and as at that time it was the rave of the whole building. This made me wonder, why does bad news spread so fast? Many said, some whispered, some back lashed and some mocked me.


Packing the few things my strength could carry, I left the office in shame, sadness, bitterness and tears. I had never experienced such a day in my life, and I wished a magician could perform some spell and take me home without having to pass through the company’s gate. I arranged myself and left for my house, my head was aching, my eyes were deep red and my legs were heavy. I got home and told my husband all that happened, and being a friend he counseled me and told me that the God that provided that job for me would give me a better job. I had to say amen even when deep inside of me I had lost complete faith in myself.

The next day, I left home around past ten (10) in my casual wear instead of my usual Office attire to pick my left over properties so that the person that was to resume in my place could start work with immediate effect. Getting to the office, I was told by a colleague that the Managing Director of the firm wanted to see me. I must confess, at that moment Different thoughts came into my mind. Why does this man want to see me was the first question that popped into my brain. I had just recovered from the shock I received yesterday and he still wants to add another injury to my already naked bone. How wicked people can be, I wondered and sighed deeply.

Getting to his office, I gave him that smile that was quenched by the letter his team prepared for me yesterday. I was expecting him to start giving me the reasons why I was sacked but rather he started apologizing. We are very sorry for what happened yesterday as per the Sack Letter. He explained further

‘’ When the news circulated that you were sacked, four (4) top officials in the management board called and seriously warned me to reverse your sack letter. I was adamant at first because the team that planned your sack letter thoroughly carried out researches and after much investigation pulled your name out as one of the people that needed to be offloaded. When the members of the management board called me over and over again to ask if I had reversed the letter, I had no other choice than to pick up your file and check your record myself. I was dazed when I saw your record, everything written about  you there was respectable and commendable, so I decided to see you and apologize for not ascertaining myself before signing the letter’’.

After he told me this, he gave me a new letter and instead of getting promotion one (1) step ahead, I was given promotion three (3) step ahead.  This has never happened in the history of the company and since then I have not seen such occurrence happen again. What surprised me the most was that up till now, I have not seen or come in contact with those top management board members that fought on my behalf. Now I am a full time manager in this company as a result of the situation I termed ‘’THE END OF MY WORLD’’.

Her story triggered me to write to all those out there that have lost hope as a result of the problems they are facing currently.

problem 2

Remember that

  1. She would not have been promoted three steps ahead if she had not encountered the disgrace and embarrassment of being sacked.
  2. The people that helped her would not have fought on her behalf if she had been promoted just one step ahead, they would have seen it as a very good promotion but that actually was not where she was supposed to be.
  3. The Managing director of the company would not have picked up her file himself if such situation had not occurred.
  4. The attitude towards work before the problem came was what made the top management people to help her.
  5. If she had behaved bad after receiving the letter, and started cursing everybody present, the people that wold have helped her would have been discouraged and would have not taken any action towards helping.
  6. There was a positive reason for her negative problem.

I hope you have gained something from this article my dear friend. Always remember that every problem is a test that shows that you are ready for the next promotion and your ability to tackle the problem shows if you would be promoted to the next level, remain at the level you are now or you would be demoted from the level where you are currently. Remember, no test of life is easy but it is your choice to determine to positively overcome this test. It is well.

— Copyright @ 2013  Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.



LOVE STORY (So Sure You Would Love It).

A Professor was teaching about Proverbs 15:1. He asked his students, ‘why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset?’ The students thought for awhile. One said, because we lose our calm. But why shout when the other person is just next to you? Asked the professor. Isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person when you are angry? The students gave some answers but none satisfied the Professor.

Finally he explained, ‘when two people are angry at each other, there is a distance in their hearts psychologically. To cover the distance, they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are,the stronger they will shout to hear each other through that great distance. Then the Professor asked, ‘What happens when two people fall in love? They don’t shout at each other but talk softly. Why? Because their hearts are psychologically close. The distance between them is very close. The Professor continued, ‘When they love each other even more, what happens? They don’t speak, only whisper and they even get closer to each other in their love.

Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that’s all…..So next time you shout on a loved one, know that you are creating distance between your heart and that person’s heart. Proverbs 15:1 says a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

PLEASE SHARE TO LOVED ONES. You maybe healing a hot tempered person today…Enjoy every moment. “Life is easy.

—Copyright @ 2013 Cherished Pholar.


In my strong quest to succeed in life, I decided within me to find the top secrets of highly successful people, I then realized that they were no secrets but lessons. I have taken my time to study and apply this lesson, and now I have decided to share some of the lessons with you.

One of the most popular quote I hear every day is ‘’MONEY AND POWER GOES TO THOSE THAT SPECALISE’’. I am sure if I start mentioning names of the richest and most influential people on earth, you would start telling me how they made their fortune. They devoted their time to doing something and they did it very well. Have you ever asked yourself, WHAT WOULD I SPECALIZE IN THAT WOULD GIVE ME TRUE SUCCESS?

Successful people have answered this question and they have worked towards ensuring that they get successful in that field they have chosen before even venturing to other businesses. Rather than joining the complain party, they find ways to fix the complains with what they have decided to specialize in, they are different and they solve problems with what they do. Answer this question, while we move on to the next lesson.

Have you ever taken your time to study people that are best in THEIR departments? Have you ever noticed that they have a special kind of hunger for the course they study, and that is why they are willing to go extra mile to read and do more research after lectures? Do you know that you can also be the best only if you decide to add passion and positive drive in whatever you do?

I have noticed that the major difference between a poor mechanic and a rich mechanic is the passion in which they display while they are at work. They are always happy and that makes them take their time to focus more on the work they are doing rather than complaining. This is a great secret few people know and this few people are the successful people. It is the passion that brings determination and action.

Passion without determination can never produce success. An artist that loves drawing and has the talent for drawing, but is not serious in his drawing would not be able to achieve success. All successful people know that putting passion into action is the perfect reaction for success. Passion is important, but you have to go extra mile to make sure that you put that passion of yours into action to ensure that you achieve that success you have always desired.

One of the secrets of highly successful students is the fact that they are always willing to help others in achieving their own goals. They are not the ‘ONLY ME’’ kind of personality, they are the ‘’ALL OF US’’ kind of personality. This is because they believe that giving what you have helps you to retain it.

Successful people build their success around others, and they are always willing to help people with what they do. Successful businessmen do not just sell their products because they want to make money, but they sell their products because they want to solve the needs and problems of others, and they want to make people happy. Don’t forget that passion + action + focusing on only yourself would never give you genuine success. Developing others is a characteristic of successful people.

Someone once asked a question, and I have always had to go back and think about the question. He said ‘’If Messi had relented on his laurels after he had won the best footballer of the year for the 1st time, would he have won it again?’’. The answer is a very big NO and I realized that all successful people have this trait in them; they don’t stop at their first success because they are always desperate to achieve more, and they always want to perform more than the previous success.

Just like in every race, each runner has a personal best, and during each race the runner tries to beat his previous personal best even if he would not come out first. Mind you, even the best doesn’t run to be just the 1st, he runs to set a new record. That is a major reason why people on 1st class still go to class to read because they understand that they have to continuously be at their best.

A good way of always staying focused is by knowing the way you accept flattery and prolonged praise. Many people have been derailed because of the words they have heard from others, they have been deceived so they decided to rest on their laurels because they believed that even if they don’t work hard like before, they would still turn out to be the very best they used to be which is a very big lie. Successful people are always focused.

Successful people understand that the road to success is paved with failures, trials and tribulations, and without these trials there cannot be testimony, and without this story there cannot be a shout of glory. They have set goals for themselves, and this makes them realize that they have started the journey and they must come out successful.

It’s just like a football match going on, and immediately after 1st half, the team decides to pull out of the match because they are losing. If so many people have pulled out after some few trials, then our world would not be as comfortable as it is today. Rather than giving excuses for your failure, which actually nobody wants to hear, you must be able to pick yourself up after every defeat until you get to your final destination. This is a secret of highly successful people.


With much love, i remain yours in success.

— Copyright @ 2013 SEUN EMMANUEL ALAOFIN.


HAVE YOU HEARD THAT It is better to have little and be godly than to be very rich and be dishonest, live humbly with the poor than to share plunder with the proud. What is gotten or achieved by dishonesty may be enjoyed like the finest food but sooner or later it would be like a mouthful of sand (useless).

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man is filled with kind words which are sweet to the soul and healthy to the body. His wise words satisfy like a good meal, he is always loyal, and people around help him in times of trouble. He uses encouraging words to cheer people up because he knows that worry weighs people down.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT Fools eagerly listen to gossips, pay close attention to slanders, plants seeds of quarrel, tell gossips that separate best of friends, mock the poor and rejoices at the misfortune of others.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man forgives a fault so that love will prosper, he loves peace so he is far from rebellion, and he never repays good with evil so that evil would be far from his house. He is very patient, and he is quick to overlook offences.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT Wise words do not fit the mouth of a fool, and lies do not fit the mouth of a wise man? A proverb in the mouth of a fool is as useless as a paralysed leg and honouring a fool is as foolish as jumping down a cliff thinking that you would grow the wings to fly. An employer who employees a fool as a full time worker or a part time worker is like an archer who misses all his shot.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT The difference between a wise man and a fool is the fact that a fool hates knowledge and does not show understanding and he therefore destroyed by his own complacency. It is senseless to pay tuition to educate a fool because he has no heart for learning. A fool has no interest in understanding and he believes in only his opinions.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A truly wise man uses few words and he runs away from people that talks too much because his secrets are not safe with them. Even fools are taught wise when they keep silent; with their mouth shut they seem intelligent.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man listens to the fact before he concludes so as to avoid being a fool and to avert disgrace. A wise man does not interfere in someone else argument.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man does not speak first, he lets others speak, he cross examines their words, remove the truth, leave the unimportant ones, add his ideas then speak out. He only talks about things he knows about and he keeps mute about things he doesn’t know about so that when he talks, his words would be more valued than silver or gold.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man runs from senseless arguments because it separate’s friends easily, and he is far from offending meaningful friends because they are harder to win back. He does not answer the foolish arguments of fools, because he is not as foolish as they are and they might end up making him look foolish.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A fool ruins himself by his own stupid action and then he turns back to commit more sin by blaming the lord.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man does himself a favour by learning all he can then he does not forget all he learnt so he prospers. When a wise man stops learning, he would soon neglect what he already knows and then become old and foolish.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man plans ahead before he leaves his house every morning. A fool searches for hasty shortcuts that lead him to poverty, but the wise fasteneth to good planning and hard work

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man does not betray his mind and conscience; he would always remain in power as long as he remains honest, just, fair and he does not betray those who trust him

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A lazy man is a fool that dreams but he never does. He sees opportunities but never take advantage.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man makes more money than he spends. He spends a little then reinvests the rest. He chooses a good reputation over great riches. That is why he is being held in high esteem and even valued more than silver and gold. A fool loves pleasure and luxury so he spends all the money he has on him to get them. That is why he is never rich.

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man admires both the strength of the youth and the Gray hair of the old people? He uses the knowledge and wisdom of the old because he knows they have a healthy wealth of experience, and he uses the strength and zeal of the youths to reach greater heights

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT A wise man makes his children fortunate by being honest and doing the right thing, his honest dealings with people make way for his children when they need the help of others. He is always sincere in his business and straight forward in all his doings

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT All what you just read was skillfully extracted from the BIBLE, a book filled with wisdom and knowledge. Have you read yours today?

— Copyright Seun Emmanuel Alaofin @ 2013


1. People are illogical, unreasonable, self-centered-‘’Love them anyway’’.

2. If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives-‘’do good anyway’’.

3. If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies-‘’succeed anyway’’.

4. The good you do today will perhaps be forgotten tomorrow-‘’do good anyway’’.

5. Honesty and Frankness makes you vulnerable-‘’be honest and frank anyway’’.

6. The biggest man with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest man with the smallest mind-‘’think big anyway’’.

7. People favour underdogs but follow only hot dogs-‘’fight for the few underdogs anyway’’.

8. What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight-‘’build anyway’’.

9. People really need help but may attack you if you help them-‘’help them anyway’’.

10. Give the world the best that you have and you will get kicked in the teeth-‘’give the world the best you have anyway’’.

I have ten quotes to keep you going.

1. Prayer is the key while understanding is the master key. Thus there are situation that respond to prayers and there are some that respond to only understanding.

2. Where experience is the best Teacher, Wisdom is the Principal.

3. The price for success is lower than the price of ignorance.

4. Those who jump up to be a success always come down, but those who climb remain there because they went through a process. However the best way is to be lifted up.

5. The best of gifts are not earned, they are given.

6. Success is not a game of chance, but knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do.

7. Success and excuses do not walk together, if you want excuses; forget about success and if you want success; do not give excuses.

8. There is a little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.

9. Keep your dreams alive. Understand that to achieve anything requires faith and belief, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

10. Purpose has the capacity to subdue death…Death respects Purpose.

Have a very wonderful week.

Written by: Adewumi Adeshina John.

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Whilst reading this, what is it that is running through your mind?. Are you at the point of giving up or still giving good THOUGHTS to those many situations confronting you or rather, are you working out SOLUTIONS and viable options to them.

I will be sharing the next few tips with you which I certainly believe will help guide you in making very informed DECISIONS concerning your present status.

You might be faced with lots of struggles, strives, here and there, despite all of those, say to yourself, I won’t GIVE UP.

In the midst of the unpleasantness, embrace with wisdom, positive OPPORTUNITIES that would definitely come(they sure would) because you
have refused to give UP.

Opportunities that would be stepping stones, that would bring the right people your way, that would ensure you are at the right place at the right time waiting to CONNECT to destiny, amounting to a date with destiny but like earlier said, do not give UP.

Whilst waiting to connect with destiny, thoughts of one’s self, family, friends, relations and their respective issues will certainly find its way to your mind constantly but keep your head raised and focused on BETTER days else you will give UP.

Grasping the opportunity, be very sure you really want to do it. Carry those closest to you along to AVOID doing the first thing last. Some would encourage you, some will disagree with your plans but your decision not to give up will be a driving FORCE as to be able to convince them to support you.

Be very much reminded that the moment you decide to opt out of ‘playing along’, many will kick against you but not to worry, they are just too LATE because you cannot give up. Just as all these are going on, ensure that the work that will not only REVEAL but celebrate you is going on because the D-day is close at hand.

GRACE cannot be sidelined. In the course of the work to get out of the frustrating situations, with God already involved, Grace will connect you to people that will assist you to get out of it but mind you, while it does, you must have been tidying all loose ends.
Remember, opportunity + preparation = SUCCESS.

You are finally approaching your EXPECTATION and you are busy dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. The spirit of not giving up has engrossed you. Very close to your expectation being met and little shortcoming in your work has been spotted by the ‘WALL’ that stands between you and your expectation*surprised but calm*. Don’t be troubled, aside those closest to you speaking up, Grace will ‘grace’ the occassion for you and the shortcoming is overlooked.

Giving up is not an OPTION even at that point. That very moment, the world shifts its attention to you and everyone joins in celebrating your HUGE success. Before you REASON the likelihood of your success, put into good consideration, the consequences of giving up.

You can do it, You can break those barriers, You can pull down those walls, you can be celebrated, you can be active and not passive but that is if you DON’T/ WON’T GIVE UP. I can feel that heavy breathe indicating a sigh of relief which simply tells me you won’t give up no matter what.

On a last note, your moment will come some day, what determines your triumph that day will depend on the AMOUNT of work you have been putting in. You are the best, you CAN.

— Copyright © 2013 AGBARA PASCHAL LEO

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There are four levels of people I have come across:

1. Those that don’t think (poor thinking) and don’t take actions.

2. Those that don’t think (poor thinking) and they take action (always wrong actions).

3. Those that think (great thinking) and don’t take actions, or take wrong actions.

4. Those that think (great thinking) and take great actions.

It is actually true that some people are not where they are supposed to be today as a result of either not thinking at all or poor thinking, but there are so many people that think and bring out good ideas and still nothing positive is coming forth. A great thought without the right decisions to match the thoughts is just like time wasted over nothing which is the same as not thinking at all. A bad thinker with the enthusiasm to take actions cannot get anything positive from that action because it came out as a result of bad thinking.

Just the way good seeds bring forth good fruits and bad seeds bring forth bad fruits, so also great ideas bring forth good rewards and bad ideas bring forth bad rewards. Note that the good seed does not plant itself on the fertile soil; some actions and precautions must have been taken to plant the good seed on a fertile soil, nurture the seeds until they grow to bring out matured fruits. The seed being good does not mean that they would not be faced with challenges that might hinder it from bringing forth good fruits, but adequate actions helps to overcome such challenges.

Your quality of valuable thoughts must be equal to your quality of valuable action. Many have great ideas but the highest they have gone so far is to write it down, look at it for a while and throw it into the trash bin, giving excuses that they are too busy to work on it now, they would do it some other time, they don’t think they can get the available resource to work on it and so many other reasons.

I am sure you are thinking, of how you can start thinking right, and how you can match these great thoughts with greater actions:

Join me as I highlight eight (8) basic steps to take:

A. The first step is to decide to take your life serious; you must be willing to start using your time to produce meaningful thoughts. You must be ready to make those thoughts come out of you consciously and willingly. Task your brain, look within, there are so many good thoughts inside of you, provoke those thoughts, bring them out and let’s move to the next step.

B. Write down these great thoughts. The main reasons why your thoughts are best written down is the fact that you cannot put actions on all your thoughts at once, but you can actually write them down and go back to them when you are through with the one you are currently working on.

C. Make plans on how to achieve this thought. Look at the positive and negative sides of these thoughts. What would make this thought work out, and what would make it not to work out, and what possible steps can I take to ensure that I convert these negatives to positives. At this point, these thoughts become IDEAS and PLANS.

D. Do everything possible to fight of negative thoughts that tell you that you cannot achieve this ideas and plans. Always be filled with positivity and never make spaces for reasons why you would not be able to achieve these thoughts after concluding that these thoughts can be converted to ideas. Never give excuses because each excuse you make gives you a reason to give up.

E. Rub minds with like minds. One of the major factors affecting positive action taking is the people you meet and discuss your ideas with along the way. If you decide to meet people that don’t have plan for their own life, they would definitely make you like them but if you decide to meet people that have decided to make and take their life serious then you are on the course of taking the right decision.

F. Make friends with people that can help you achieve these plans. These are people that would give you part of their time, part of their human resources, part of their strength, part of their reasoning, advice, ideas and plan to ensure that you achieve this idea of yours. Join forces with them and work hand in hand to achieve all your ideas.

G. Determine to put all the necessary actions required to achieve this thoughts. Like I said earlier if you don’t match your thoughts with ideas, it can never be as successful as planned. Give it what it takes because it is worth it. At this stage, you have gone too far to stop now, all you need to do is put all the necessary action required for success and ensure that you take the right steps when taking this actions.

H. Put your entire plan before God. Great thoughts and greater actions might take you far, but divine revelation from God would take you farther than where your abilities can take you. Divine revelations from God bring ideas that give you divine speed, supernatural success and unmerited breakthrough. There is no genuine success without the magnificent power of God.

Note that it’s not about thinking much, but it’s about thinking right. Too much of thinking brings great distraction and stops one from achieving goals. It’s better to do one thing and put all the necessary actions involved to make sure you achieve it than to have so many thoughts and put mediocre actions into them thereby giving you less than average results.

There is a questionnaire below with self-assessment questions. Be sure to answer them and work effectively on them.











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