I have a dream that one day, our leaders would be willing to serve the nation, and not loathe all her riches, tarnish her glory and question her honour. Leaders that would have the people that chose them to handle the mantle of leadership of this great country at heart and not see themselves and their family members as the only people they have gone there to serve. Leaders that would be ready to do the right thing at the right time to make and create the right impact that would move the nation as a whole towards the right direction. I see leaders that are highly intelligent, educative and effective and not political thugs.

I have a dream that one day, Leaders would be willing and ready to go through the stress and rigor of convincing the citizens of this great country Nigeria that they are the right set of people to handle the helm of affairs of the country rather than spending more than enough money trying to bribe and rig elections. Leaders that would have the fear and respect for GOD, because a leader that does not respect God cannot respect his people, leaders that would seek the kingdom of God for wisdom, knowledge, understanding to be able to know what the country needs to have to make things better, what they need to know that would move the country forward, the qualities and attributes that they need to possess that would make the people that have chosen them corporate with them.

I have a dream that one day, the people of Nigeria would be bold enough to say no to corruption, no to poverty, no to bad leadership, no to suffering, and be ready to do all that is to be done to ensure that all these disgraceful qualities become things of the past. A nation where her people would not be like Esau thus selling their VOTE right for perishable bags of rice and beans, thousands of naira and other lavish able items, making them loose their voice when these particular leaders that have bribed them start doing the wrong thing when they eventually emerge.

I have a dream that one day, Nigeria would be a force to reckon with amidst other nations, Nigeria would lend to other nations, people from other countries, especially European would be forced to come and learn how to do this and do that in this same country they have castigated and insulted. I have a dream that one day, the exchange rate of Naira would be dragging with that of dollars, pounds and euros, a day that the best gadgets would be invented in this country, a day that all the best home appliances would be found in this country, a day that Nigeria would be the major supplier of agricultural products to the whole world, a day that Nigerian leaders would organize leadership summits and leaders from around different continents would be available to learn something new as a result of the changes they have seen and heard.
I have a dream that one day; Nigerians would not just recite the pledge but would read in between the lines and follow the wordings. I have a dream that one day, Yoruba’s would be able to hug the Igbos in their land without any reason for war, for unnecessary insecurity, for kidnapping or any sought of evil. A nation where Hausa’s and Yoruba’s would be able to sit down and discuss about progress, a nation where Muslims and Christians would be able to come together in faith to pray in unity for the peace and positive transformation of Nigeria. I have a dream that one day, Nigerians would be willing to serve the country with all their strengths and might.

I have a dream that one day; the youths of this country would put their youthful strength together and focus on more productive things that would better themselves and the country. I have a dream that the country would have youths that are focused, goal oriented, visionary, determined and responsible citizens that are working towards achieving their divine assignments in life, youths that have not lost their ethics and culture as a result of media networks and social Medias. I dream of youths that would be ready to drop temporary pleasure, pick up challenges and handle them effectively, take up leadership mantles, youths that are willing to come together and say together, WE CAN ACHIEVE IT. I dream of meaningful youth groups that would provide an average youth the opportunity to develop and learn what they need to know to achieve greatness.

I have a dream that one day, the Nigerian premier league would be as developed as the English premier league, the Spanish laliga and other top leagues in the world. I dream of a season that players from different part of the world would be rushing to ply their trade in this country because of the level of development and competition. A day when every Nigerian would not need to support top clubs in Europe, and we would all be proud to wear the jerseys of our Nigerian league clubs, while I am putting on that of Sunshine fc, you would be putting on that on Kwara united, your friend would be wearing that of Eyimba fc, and the ladies would be wearing that of Warri-wolves, our parents would be wearing that of dolphins fc, and we would all have our names boldly written on the back of the jerseys. A time when Nigeria would win the world cup, defeating all the major forces in the world of football.

I have a dream that one day, you would see this changes and you would feel like changing the words you have said about this great country. I have a dream that one day you would remember the past of this country and all you would have to say is Good bless Nigeria. I have a dream that one day, you would see these changes and you would be happy you believed in this dream. I have a dream that soon, we would all join forces together to ensure that many good things come out of Nigeria which is our own Jerusalem. I am sure that soon, we would stop complaining and start looking for ways and techniques to ensure that this dream becomes a reality.

Remember that a dream is just a wish without action. I have decided to put action to ensure that Nigeria moves forward, God placed me in Nigeria and I would ensure that while I am still hale and healthy, Nigeria must not go down the drain in my very own eyes. This is a charge to all Nigerians to remind us all that it is our responsibility to ensure that Nigeria moves forward. God has given us all we need to ensure that we place Nigeria at the very top, and I am sure that by God’s grace we would get there.
Yours in Nation Building,
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


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2 responses to “I HAVE A DREAM – A NEW NIGERIA”

  1. joseph teiko says :

    hmmm,quite inspiring. Well i guess that is the reason,for us to be inspired and motivated to be a good citizen… Thumbs up brother!!!…

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