I have a strong sense of what our course of action needs to be, are we going to keep on growing, or is there anything called GROWTH in our society.
I looked at every possible alternative for the competence of a quality leader and I could not get a befitting replacement for this term called “LEADER” and I concluded that there is need for quality leaders to lead the people in their organization or anywhere they find themselves in order to make an effective change that is desired for growth.

Without going out of the context of this topic, “who is a leader”? Very many people will define this six letters word in several ways depending on the aspect which it appears to them. But really if I were to ask you what do you understand by the word leader what will you say? Taking a cue from a discussion I engaged when coming from Abuja, there was an argument on the question, who is a leader?

A man said a leader is a person who caters for the people under him alone. I was thinking of his reply for a while, and I then decided to oppose this man who was actually a political oriented man. I said sir with due respect, I oppose your definition of your leadership and I told him point blank that by his definition, he had actually talked on the benefit of loyalty and not leadership.

Back to the point, WHO IS A LEADER? IN MY OWN WORDS, A leader simply means a person who leads or show the way to a group of people, organization, nation or firm. He has a mission and vision, and he ensures that the mission and vision is achieved collectively with everybody involved participating as a team and every member also benefiting.

Leadership on the other hand is the ability to make a system produce the set goals of an organization or a nation. The common goal that is set majorly depends on who the leader is.
Many of our so called leaders today majorly are as good as their followers and in the normal context a leader is meant to be more knowledgeable than the people he is leading because he decides the way and how the organization he is dealing with should be runned, but it is unfortunate that the leaders of nowadays lack vision and have no good mission. That is why the menace of bad leadership has erupted and become so rampant in all sectors of our society today.

Leadership is all about sacrifice and doing the right thing all the time.
The fact is everybody has the ability to do the right thing but most of us think it is impossible to do, but remember your mentality will either make or mar you. Many organizations are looking for a quality leader that can judiciously use their resources to achieve the mission and vision of their firm and also ensuring that the followers are not suffering at the expense of such a development because any development that affects the welfare of the people is not the best.

To succeed as a leader, there is always a place of learning and practice of leadership. The number of people you can influence positively to do the right thing. All firms need quality leaders, nations need, religious organizations need and all other sectors. Everybody works as a team to achieve the result and the credit is for all.

Don’t be an agent of destruction all in the name of being a leader, the more the society needs you, the more you need the society. We can have a corrupt free society, if only you can avoid corruption and join the force of those seeking for a just and secured society.
Jeremiah Emiola Olawale (JEW)
Coordinator of All Leaders Platform, Africa.


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