Some few weeks ago, I did a little piece on PRICE TAG which from its responses and comments have been of tremendous impact. Despite that, some few requested for more INSIGHTS. Join me as we journey on/through this smooth SAIL of words that are transforming, beneficial, charging, changing and catalytic.

The PRICE of a product is the worth and value placed on it while the TAG is an identifiable piece which reflects physically a particular thing or the other. Therefore, a price tag is a piece (identifiable) which connotes the WORTH of a product; commodity or whatever is associated to the tag.

Every individual or group have what they respectively intend to or are paying for. It could be the PRICE for achievements, fame, heights, scholarships, grades, greatness, and freedom, success either in business, family, career and lots more.

WHY I SHOULD PAY? Driving it home—–
A man who is not ready to pay the required PRICE should expect no PRIZE. A priceless life is a prize less one.

Each price comes with its own respective RISK. Strategize properly and create positive TRICKS to overcome.

Often times, we could be reluctant with meeting-up with the demands of the TAGS. I call this a DRAG.

There is the human nature which makes us lazy about price-paying. Similar to the force of gravity, this nature acts against our desires to be price-payers. This is a force called the PULL.

To overcome this pull, we have to exert another force called the PUSH because for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The only word spoken to a woman in labour is the word PUSH. The force concentrated at that moment is the PULL but she has to PUSH, PUSH and PUSH until the baby is delivered.
If you would want to attain heights, achieve your dreams and birth your success, you obviously have to PUSH harder.

You must be willing to ACCEPT and DO the PRICE and not REJECT it so as not to UNDO the PRIZE.

If you must be the BEST, CONTEST, overcome the TEST so as to be better than the REST.

When you ASK and YEARN for more, you would have been able to solve more TASKS and EARN more accolades.

Pay the price and be RESPECTED, avoid the price and be NEGLECTED. Pay the price and become BRANDED, avoid it and remain STRANDED.

Would you want to RULE your world and be properly POSITIONED on the map, pay the required price?

Paying for an item in a mart requires of you to follow a PROCESS. This process could either be through cash payment or many other means depending on the capacity of such a mart. It is when this process is DULY followed that such an item becomes yours eventually.

Every attainable height has a PROCESS (a right one) that must be discovered. Strategize and plan ahead on how to over-ride the HURDLES contained therein so as to maintain your pace and keep moving forward despite the BUMPS.

After the DISCOVERY of the process, it is then questions of how WILLED, DRIVEN and DESIRING are you not to relent but to go/get through the process?

Remember, DISCOVER, STUDY, WORK-ON, CARESS, STAY TRUE, REMAIN POSITIVE, GO, GET through the PROCESS and be a huge SUCCESS. I choose to be a price-payer and a fruit-reaper.






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