I don’t want to know the numbers of publications you have read about
Nigeria but I bet you after reading this you will have a change of mind.

I am blessed, I am rich, I am very productive, I have a fertile land, I have reasonable human resources at my fingertips, I have a very perfect atmospheric condition yet I am never appreciated, I have always lived In agony because my name have been battered with insults and accusations am not even guilty of, I am Nigeria and my soul seeks for justice.

Nigeria as we all know is a country that is blessed with a lot of resources both human and natural resources but still fails to meet up with the level of advanced countries in the 21st century, as such, a question is asked; what is the problem? Is it Nigeria or you?

Fellow Nigerian, either you like it or not, you and I are responsible for the situation of this country today. We are the criminals that cheat on our brothers and sisters, we are the government officials that divert public funds, we are the ones responsible for Inflations, we are the ones that have murdered justice and open the door to Insecurity, and we have accepted corruption as a way of life and have assassinated social sanity. We are all guilty of these offences yet we have failed to take responsibilities for our actions just like our forefathers and shift the blame on a defenseless country that has no advocate. We are the problems of this country.
Instead of repeating the same problems about Nigeria that even a five year old child already knows why not let us think about providing solutions to the problems we have created.

As a Nigerian, I refuse to conform to the unethical norms operating in this country. Martin Luther king (Jr) once said ‘conformity is a jailer of freedom and enemy of growth’. Let us stand out together and produce the change this country is crying for.


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