1. Define your relationship. Know if you are just dating, for marriage, or friends with benefit.

2. Every relationship starts with God. A partner that does not know God can never be loyal.

3. Every relationship is peculiar; don’t compare your relationship with someone else’s relationship.

4. Patience is a key factor in every relationship. Practise it.

5. Respect is very important in every relationship and it is meant to be from both parties.

6. In every relationship, both partners have to have the same core values.

7. When you forget your 1st love which is God, you would not find a real 2nd love.

8. No trust = No relationship. There is no need to be in a relationship when there is no trust.

9. There must be mutual understanding in every relationship.

10. Always remember to appreciate your partner for always being there for you. It goes a long way.

11. Both partners must be compatible with each other.

12. Know the likes and dislikes of your partner.

13. Know the weakness and strength of your partner.

14. Don’t enter any relationship out of pity.

15. A relationship is a 50 – 50 situation. Both parties must participate and they must be beneficial to each other.

16. A man that has no plan for his life has no plan for you.

17. True love is the foundation of a real relationship.

18. If the purpose of your relationship is not known, abuse is inevitable.

19. Don’t enter into a relationship just because you want to know how a relationship looks like.

20. Don’t go for a partner because he or she makes you smile, but go for a partner that would always do things that would leave you with that smile.

21. Pretence = no good relationship

22. Check your partner well. Check his/her heart if he/she has a conscience.

23. There is always a point of attraction in every relationship. Don’t forget that.

24. Don’t go for a player, go for a real man.

25. Jealousy is an important factor in every relationship, but when it becomes too much it kills the relationship.

26. Relationship involves sacrifice of time, money and physical attraction.

27. Don’t enter into one when you would not have the time.

28. Maturity is very important in every relationship

29. If a man loves you because of what you have, he would see a better one. Don’t be deceived.

30. If a woman loves you because you are handsome and your pocket is heavy, she would see a more handsome man. Don’t fall a maga.

31. It’s good to be able to say your mind, but too many complaints lead to fast breakup.

32. A partner that is not proud to work with you on the street is not the right choice for you.

33. In every relationship, don’t make yourself an option and your partner a priority.

34. A person you don’t have a future with is not worth dating.

35. In every relationship, you don’t always have to hurt your partner for you to strike your point that you are right.

36. Listening to gossips from external bodies about your partner and believing them is a good way of using your hand to call for break up.

37. Don’t compare your present partner with your ex-partner. Remember that they are different and special in their unique ways.

38. In every relationship, don’t go for beauty. Go for someone that makes your life beautiful. True fact.

39. Don’t talk about break up every time you have little arguments with your partner.

40. Your partner is not a magician. Don’t expect him or her to know all that is in your mind when you did not open up.

It is better to keep your mouth closed than say the word ‘’I LOVE YOU’’ when you don’t mean it.


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