Communication begins with level 5, which is the least effective level of communication, and moves towards level one which is the most effective level of communication.

LEVEL 5: Cliché Conversation
Here our emotional mask stays on. We never reveal what we really feel or think on this level. Cliché conversation goes like this ‘’How is your family’’, and the response is fine, yet everything around you is not fine. That kind of talk is mechanical, it is meaningless.

LEVEL 4: Reporting facts about other People.
On this 4th level, we report the activities of others. This level is either called the gossiping level, or tale bearing level. When entering a conversation, measure it by this four rules,

1. Is it true?

2. Is it necessary?

3. What’s my motive in telling this?

4. Will everyone involved benefit from my telling it?

5. If you cannot answer yet to those four questions, be quiet.

LEVEL 3: Sharing Ideas.
On this level, I would share some of the things I feel, my ideas and some of my decisions. I would give you just a peek at the real me, but I would be careful and watch how you react. If you yawn, narrow your eyes or look at the watch, I would stop communicating with you at this level and I would go back to level four or five where my speech is totally superficial.

If you show attention and you respond well, I would be willing to tell you more, and our communication would move on to level two. Remember, communication is a TWO-WAY process. I would open up to you, but I would expect you’re input-verbal or non-verbal.

LEVEL 2: Revealing real feelings and emotions. This level is known as the CUT-LEVEL conversation. In this level, you are able to say what you feel deep within your soul. Level two communications has no fear of a blow up, pouting or resentment because of a disagreement.

At this level, the communication is stronger and better because the relationship must have passed through so many tests and trials with some disagreements.

LEVEL 1: Peak communication.
Level one is two human beings in absolute honesty. There is nothing like pretence here, no hiding of feelings, no more forming and lying. There is absolute transparency because I am not trying to lie or hide any details of my life from you.

This is a sincere, true and real communication. When you hide behind a mask in pretence of being what you never can be, REAL COMMUNICATION would never happen.

By x3m (extreme).


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