Progress is a vital part of every successful man and as such, progress should be seen as a good recipe for success. A good look at progress will aid a better understanding.

Bisecting progress-
1. PROJECTION: A man that is future-minded should always project and take constant peeps into the future so as to know that which lies ahead, come back to the present, strategise, re-strategise and be better prepared to be able to confront that which lies ahead.

Just like the history of biological assays, which arose from Noah’s experiment, when he constantly sent out a dove until it came back with an olive leaf. This was to enable him know the level of receeding waters in the earth’s ground. More like a projectile but in this case, projecting, could mean taking quiet moments, gazing and at the same time planning for the future to avoid outcomes that could be detrimental.

2. REFIND: A man that is future-oriented is a refined man. A refined man is one that has been or is a product of God’s refinery. When crude-oil goes through the refinery, so many products result from the process(more refined products). From the destructive distillation of coal, we have coal gas, coal tar, coke etc at its finest and more refined state.

A man who goes through God’s refinery is the best product you can ever have. He is highly informed, oriented, inspired, motivated, filled with ideas and guided by God himself. A man making Godly and positive progress is always in Godfinery(God’s refinery)-agbaraP
3. OBJECTIVE : An objective life is a progressive life. What are your goals and objectives?, how hard are you working to achieve them?, how close, each day, are you getting to accomplishing them?. A progressive man has got set objectives which keeps him/her on the success track and very focused.

4. GROWTH: A progressive man is always growing. I was very touched when a mentor of mine told me to ‘keep growing’. It dawned on me that moment that I had to keep growing if I was to eventually arrive at my destination.

Growth is an essential part of a living man little wonder it is one of the characteristics of living things. A man has to keep growing but note that it has to be in the right and postive direction. Show me a man without growth and I will show you a man that is stuck, stagnant and retrogressing-agbaraP.

5. REALITY: A man with progress embedded within his/her gene is one who realizes that the gap between progress and its opposite is enough time for him/her to cash in on his/her ideas. A realistic man is progressive. Realism is being factual with yourself. Mind you, do not be too realistic as to think your dreams and ideas, with required works and efforts, are unrealizable.

6. EMANATE: Either for good or bad, a man emanates. A progressive man emanated not as a result of luck but as a result of hardwork, diligence, determination, sticking to his God-given assignment and because he/she has chosen to be purposeful in his pursuits.

7. SHOW-UP: Progress constitutes showing-up at the right and stipulated time for things that are purpose-driven. A progressive man, after showing-up, invades. Very instructive: Do not only show-up but also invade your world.

8. SURMOUNT: Our abilities to combine two or several factors together for a greater good and to the favour of our respective assignments plus using these factors as a means to overcoming the little traffic on the highway of our assignments is very vital. A progressive man, just like the laboratory scientist working hard to discover the next sets of solution, is always prepared for whatever be ahead so as to get him, daily, closer to his much awaited success. Start overcoming.

Progress is an important recipe for success. A man that would be successful must regularly be progressive and a man making good progress has to be projective, refined, objective, growing, realistic, showing-up/invading, surmountive and must emanate.



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