Many people crave to enter into a relationship, and many people have actually entered into a relationship. If you are about to enter into a relationship, this article is definitely for you, and if you are already in a relationship, I am sure you would be very happy you read this.

Before entering into a relationship, there must be a reason WHY you want to enter into a relationship because to every action there is always a question (?) WHY and don’t forget that if the purpose of a thing is not known then abuse is inevitable. It’s so surprising that so many people don’t know why they are into the relationship they are today and many others have very funny reasons like, ‘’she is very beautiful’’, ‘’he has the money to take care of me’’, ‘’I feel free whenever I talk with him’’, and so on.

If you have answered the question WHY, congratulation, now check the reason, is it reasonable and genuine? If it’s not, maybe you need to have a rethink, and don’t forget to ask your partner (to be) about this question WHY because many people hearts have been broken with sledge hammers because they have fallen into the hands of people that have no genuine reason for entering into a relationship.
If the reason of both you and your partner is good enough, let’s move to the next paragraph.

What are your core values, what are your likes and dislikes, what are your weakness and strengths? I have heard many people in relationships complain that their partners don’t think the way they think and they don’t actually like the things they like, for example a lady was complaining that her guy drinks alcohol and parties a lot and she does not like those kind of things, while the guy was complaining that his lady is not social at all. This lady likes a guy that lives a normal life and the guy wants a lady that can always follow him when he goes around to drink beer and party so they had issues every time because they have different values and this lead to break up in no time.

A partner that cannot add to your strength would definitely increase your weakness because every relationship would either add to you or reduce from you, so you must be wise enough to know your partners strength and weakness and how they can affect yours, if it’s going to be positive or negative. Many people were actually better of when they were single, but when they entered into a relationship, they became so bad that they lost everything that was good in them.

Your likes and dislikes are also very important. Your partner must be able to respect and appreciate your likes even when they don’t really like some that much and your partner must be able to appreciate your dislikes and make sure that they don’t cross the boundaries between your likes and your dislikes.

What are you after in your partner (to be)? So many people are after the money, after the beauty, after the body, after the fame, after the benefits, after peace of mind (because they know they cannot be cheated on) and a few are after love. This is what attracts you to your partner and it’s called the ATTRACTION FACTOR.

If a guy or a lady gets attracted to the opposite sex because he is handsome or she is beautiful, then the attraction factor is wrong because if anything happens to the beauty then then that would be the end of the relationship. I am not saying that beauty is not good, but the moment you start holding outer beauty with higher esteem instead of inner beauty then there is something wrong. True love is always meant to be first, then other attributes follow.

True love is what makes the relationship worthwhile, and this is what makes the battery of the relationship last long. When the attraction factor is based on true love, all other attaction factors would fall in place and both partners would be able to trust each other.

When you forget your first love which is God then you would always have problem finding your second love which is your guy or your lady. The truth is you don’t know all about yourself for you to know who the right partner for you is, so you must always be willing to ask God rather than using your own intuition.

This is another major reason why there are so many breakups in relationships of today because so many people are doing try and error. Let’s just try it out if it’s going to work and they end up doing things their own way until they break up with pains in both hearts. You need to realise that a relationship without God is a relationship that would soon crumble.

Have a healthy and reasonable relationship!!!!!!!



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