One of the key components in a leader’s effectiveness is in his or her ability to build and foster positive, strong, and productive relationships.  Often, this part of the “art” of leadership is overlooked. 

Some seem to think that leadership means authority, position, or power.  Rather, leadership is the influence of other people through a strong vision, through the example and character of the leader, and ultimately through the quality of the relationships that are built and the quality of the individuals with whom those relationships are built.

Finding good people and forging tight relationships with them is not an option for a leader.  Once these relationships are established, a leader then must be capable of maintaining them.  Some people are great at first impressions and quick at making friends while some others are better off as people get to know them.  Great leaders are both, and don’t underestimate this: it takes different skills to start relationships than it does to maintain and strengthen them over time.

Strong relationships make for strong organizations. When the winds of adversity blow, it is the bond of strong relationships that holds things together. Influence, changes things for the better and attaining a vision are all brought about through powerful relationships.

What are you doing on a daily basis to improve your ability to build relationships?  Have you established the connections you need with the kind of people you require achieving your dreams and visions?  Remember: all accomplishment is with, though, and for the people. None of us are an island. 

We must accomplish all things by dealing with people in the right and meaningful way.  Even “individual” activities like painting and golf are worthless without customers, patrons, fans, competitors, and admirers.  Yes, like it or not, God put us here to serve Him and to serve others.  That’s what leaders do.  So get “other-minded,” find people to forge tight, sincere, lasting relationships with, and set about together to achieve great things.  It’s the only way it ever happens!
The Article Was Originally written by CHRIS BRADY, and it was taken from his website to inspire others.


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