Laugh of the Stress Segment with MC IG (INSPECTOR G)

I went for a youth program in church and the pastor asked everybody to pray for a serious life partner. As the prayer began, I was standing close to a girl whose prayer goes thus ‘’Lord God, I need a guy that is very tall, very handsome, spiritually sound, and above all a guy that is as rich as Dangote’’.

A guy was standing beside her, and was carefully listening to her prayer. After she paused for a while, he decided to start his own prayer,

‘’ God I know I am very short, am not handsome, but I have everything in life, I work in an oil company, I have different houses and cars and I travel all over the world but what is all of this without a life partner, I just need a girl I can spend all this money on”.

On hearing this, the lady was shocked, and said deep in her heart that God has answered her prayer, so she decided to play a smart game, and increase her voice so that the man could hear.

She said, ‘’God you know my heart desire, you know me more than I know myself, whether the person is tall or short, handsome or not , I don’t care….Because I am not after the container but the content’’.

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