I would be discussing on the topic GOAL SETTING FOR THE NEXT few MONTHS because I realised that it is one of the necessary actions taken to succeed in life.

GOALS in my own simple words are the steps and actions taken to achieve a vision. There is no GOAL without a vision, and a wish or a dream is a vision without a GOAL (action and deadline).

Let’s take a case study, of a student who just got admission into FUTA, and is working towards coming out with a first class by the end of his five years in the great institute of learning. That is his vision. This student must have to plan over time on how to achieve this vision, and this is what results into goals. Since the student is going to be using five years which is equivalent to ten semesters and at the end of every semester is an examination, the student has to plan well on how he would perform excellently in each of this semester which would accumulate to give him the vision he has always desired at the end of this 10 semesters. He has to know that he must have a first class every semester and that to get this first class he has to dedicate a lot of his time to his study.

Just imagine how a football match would look like without a goal post. It would be meaningless, time wasting and of less importance, but when the goal post is in place, the match becomes competitive, it becomes more important and every single minute counts because each team would be able to score goals which defines if they would be able win the game or not.

Using the football match experience, imagine you are a player in Team A and your other team mates are your friends. The opposing team are the obstacles that plan to stop you from scoring and they want to score you, the trainings and daily exercises done by your team (TEAM A) are the steps taken to defeat the other team, the coach of your team is your mentor, the Goal post is your vision, and scoring a goal means you have achieved your vision and finally the referee is the person in charge of the match.

With this, in achieving a goal, you must

1. Be able to develop the skills, character and strength required to achieve your goals.

2. Have good friends that have the same vision with you so you can achieve a common goal.

3. Have good plans and tactics that would help you in achieving your goals.
4. Be sure to always write down all the plans you need to achieve your goals.

5. Be determined to take all the necessary steps that have been put in place to achieve your goal.

6. Be focused and concentrate, and always have it in mind that you are good enough to achieve all your goals even when they seem unachievable.

7. Be far away from distractions and side Attractions.

8. Have a mentor or a coach that would serve as a senior guide to achieving your goals.

Decide who would be the referee over your game, because the referee is always meant to be in charge of any game. The referee is always there to guide you when you are missing a step you are supposed to take to achieve your goals, and to caution you when you are getting things wrong.

Note that People are often best at being the coach but God is the best referee ever.

I realised that most people don’t set goals because

1. They don’t have a vision

2. They believe that there is nothing important (no big deal) in setting goals.

3. They believe that setting goals is very hard.

4. They stopped setting because they weren’t achieving the goals they set.

5. Fear of failure and rejection.

6. They have not found out their strengths and weaknesses so they don’t want to set goals that are above their capacity.

7. They move with friends that don’t set goals.

8. They feel that once they achieve the goals there would be nothing more to achieve again.

9. They are scared of taking risks and making sacrifices to achieve their goals.

EXERCISE`: Within the next couple of minutes, think of why you don’t set goals and write them down in a place you can always remember.

Goal setting is very important because

1. Goal setting inspires direction: If you never set a goal, how would you know where you are going to?

2. Goal Setting Improves You And Makes You Better

3. Goals Setting Helps To Simplify Your Vision

4. Goal setting tells you if you are improving, just there or you are going below the standard you used to be before.

5. Goal Setting Makes You Better Than Your Best.

6. Goal Setting Narrows Choices. It helps you know what and what is important for now so you can work on them.

7. Goal Setting Increases Confidence

8. Goal setting make you belief in your ability because if you set goals, you believe you can achieve them.

9. It helps to identify your strength and expose your weakness.

10. Goal setting improves your self esteem

11. Goal setting makes you positive.

EXERCISE: Within the next couple of minutes, write down how you think Goal setting can be of importance to you.

If you have not seen any reason, calm down and relax because I am sure very soon you would find so many reasons to set Goals.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA)

To be continued.


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