1. In everyone, there are strengths and there are weaknesses. Work hard to improve your strength, and work harder on your weakness to achieve uncommon success.

2. Finding yourself, knowing yourself and believing in yourself are indeed the 1st steps to greatness.

3. Failure plus excuse would never change the fact that you failed.

4. Think out of the box, expand your imagination. A man would never grow more than his thoughts.

5. Hard work does not guarantee success. Divine Revelation does.

6. There are two main categories of friends, the good and the Bad friends. Don’t be deceived, there are no sitting on the wall friends.

7. Nobody is perfect in life. Every1 has a good and useful side, Learn from the good sides and completely ignore the bad side.

8. In the perspective of men, a fool at 40 is finished, but in the presence of God, a fool at 59 can still write the story of his life again.

9. Everyone is beautiful and handsome. You just need the right set of eyes to see the beauty.

10. A leader must be able to follow instructions. A leader that cannot follow instructions would never be able to give people instruction and they would be willing to follow.

11. The leaders of today were once followers of yesterday. When the followers are corrupt free then the leaders would be.

12. Every successful and powerful man has a supernatural power that He depends on, either the power of God or the other power.

13. How you see your difficulties determines how they would affect you.

14. When a man clocks 20, he begins to seriously think of his future. Questions like what does the future holds for me begin to come up.

15. Rather than dividing my eggs on my own and holding them, I would rather put the eggs in one basket and give it to God.

16. A failure has no friends, but the day he becomes successful, people would follow him everywhere, they would even follow him on twitter.

17. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

18. A man without a vision is like a car without a driver.

19. For you to be the best, you have to think like the best, behave like the best, work like the best and walk with the best.

20. Coming from a poor background is not a sin, but deciding to remain poor and not leaving that poverty background is where the sin lies.

21. Until the size of your vision intimidates the size of your pocket, then you have not gotten your real vision.

22. People would always talk about you at your back. You don’t need to worry because it is only people of high repute people talk about.

23. REAL- Remember Everybody Aren’t Loyal.

24. Resting your ability in the lord’s capability is the fastest way to breaking human protocols.

25. If you constantly find yourself with the majority, then something is wrong because the majority is most times not always right.

26. Without determination, you would never be able to start anything meaningful in life.


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