Procrastination is the process of not doing a particular work or assignment at the appropriate time and it is usually done intentionally. The hardest thing about procrastination is that it does not only derail your progress in achieving your goals, but can also develop into a cycle that preys on emotional insecurity and lack of motivation.

Procrastination is one of the easiest things to do and it has been confirmed that what we procrastinate today would definitely be procrastinated tomorrow.

There are so many causes of procrastination but some of the causes of procrastination would be highlighted and discussed about;

1. Distraction: Distraction comes in different form as a result of giving much attention to what should not be giving much attention to and this prevents you from paying much attention to the necessary things.

Examples of these distractions are watching of movies, playing and having fun as at when not due and spending unnecessary time on social network such as Facebook, twitter, 2go and blackberry chat.

2. Laziness: This is one of the major causes of procrastination because it does not allow you to do what you are meant to do at the right time. Let’s take for example a man that wants to read by 6pm, the laziness in him would make him delay till 7pm, 8pm until he does not read again. He is not actually doing anything at that time, but the laziness in him would not actually make him do the right thing at the right time.

Laziness does not allow one to achieve a desired goal.

3. Poor Time Management: A parable says that ‘’IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, THEN YOU PLAN TO FAIL’’. One of the major reasons of procrastination is the fact that people fail to plan their day so they just do things they remember to do at that particular time and when they remember that they have to also do some other things, they procrastinate because they have exhausted all their energy on what they have previously done.

The solutions to these problems or factors that enhance procrastination are as simple as ABC and they would work perfectly if they are effectively followed.

Figure out the reason why you procrastinate: the first step to finding the solution to a problem is by knowing the problem itself. Everybody has his or her own unique reason, for procrastinating, to some it is laziness, some it is too much sleep and to some it is poor time management.

1. If it is through laziness, make conscious effort to ensure that you do everything that you want to do at the right time. I am sure you would be thinking that it is not that easy, but the success you desire would not come if you do not take the determination, decision, boldness and courage to drive out that spirit of laziness in you.

2. If it is through distraction, know which particular one is taking much of your time. If it is watching too much of movies, you could take a right step by deleting some of the movies on your system and be determined that the only time that would be used to watch film is when you have done all you are supposed to do for that day and you have enough time to rest.

If your distraction comes through spending so much time on social networks like Facebook and twitter or chatting sites like eskimi, nimbuzz, whatsapp, 2go and blackberry, I would not say that using part of your time on these sites are not good, but rather spending much of your time on this site and you are not able to do things that you are supposed to do for that day as a result of these distraction makes it worse.

3. On a daily basis, you have to set your plans for the day, like which places would you be going to for the day, what you would be doing from what time to what time and the amount of time you would be using to rest because over stressing yourself could also lead to procrastination. By doing this you would be able to achieve over 80% of what you are meant to do for the day and at the same time avoiding procrastination.

In conclusion, procrastination is not a good habit for those that want to be successful in life. It is a disease that successful people have cured out of their system.

Let me leave you with this principle I follow in my day to day activity ‘’MAKING HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINE IS ONLY POSSIBLE WHEN YOU AVOID PROCASTINATION’’.



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