I am a 300level student, I have always been trying my best to be the best in my department, but no matter how hard I read I still don’t perform well, in fact I even had carry over in one of the courses i loved and read so much, and even my friends that we read together are far above me, some are on two one, and two are even on first class, but I am on two-two.

I am just tired of school, and I would soon quit if things don’t work out my way. Hmm, have you forgotten that some of your friends are still home, not to talk of having GP, have you thanked God for that one. If you leave school or you decide not to take your academics serious again, would it change the fact that you are not performing.

You still have some semesters to show that uncommon greatness in you, just put in that extra effort, put in a proper time management and don’t just read to pass, read to be the best. Thank God for the opportunity you have to be in school, and show your appreciation by not letting that opportunity slip away. You have what it takes to be the best, grab it with both hands and don’t let it slip away.

I am from a poor family and I don’t have the money to be able to get all, what my mates have, some have two blackberries, some laptops and some even come to school on four wheels and I have nothing.

Thank God you have two legs, two eyes, two legs, and every other part is still complete because when there is life there is hope, and if you don’t have a car or anything you desire does not mean you would not have it tomorrow. Never forget that delay is not denial and there is a reason for everything. Rather than wishing that your parents were either Dangote or Otedola why not determine to be the person that would remove your family and save your family from the chains of poverty and bring them to the era of riches and greatness.

Thank God for making you alive because you are going to be one of the richest people the world has ever seen.
When the year 2012 came, I wrote my New Year resolutions, and I could not achieve any single one. I feel so bad, and it is like I have failed myself.
Thank God that you feel remorse, but being remorse alone would not solve the fact that you did not achieve anything last year.

Thank God for giving you another opportunity to witness the year 2013 because you would not only achieve your resolutions for this year, you would break barriers.
You have what it takes in you to achieve all you have planned to achieve; you just have to find yourself, believe in yourself and identify your strengths and weakness so that things can work to your advantage.

You started a business, a project or something that meant a lot to you and the thing failed or did not work out as planned, and you feel discouraged that you planned to achieve much but you failed and you are about to quit the business or whatever it is.

Thank God that you had the determination to start something because so many people wished they had the ability to be able to start something, but don’t forget that quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit. If you decide to quit now, you are going back to the former level of not doing anything, and that is far worse that doing and failing.

You have taken the 1st step to greatness, and the next step is learning from your mistakes and converting them to opportunities and experiences that would move the particular project to the level you have never expected.

What is making you worry in this new month, that is making you forget to give thanks to God, and is also at the verge of making you want to give up? I might have touched your situation, and I might not have touched your situation, but you have the opportunity to right off those old stories and re write the history of your life.

Don’t forget that when there is life, there is hope and when there is hope, there is nothing that cannot be achieved, even the so called impossible can always is achieved when there is life. Don’t worry; be happy because this month has come with a lot of breakthroughs and opportunities. However, never expect opportunities every time, you must be able to create large opportunities out of small opportunities.

This month, you must be willing and ready to look above your past and focus mainly on your future. You have what it take to not just be a dreamer, but to be able to achieve those dream of yours, and you have what it takes to be with people at the very top, but for you to be the best, you must think like the best, behave like the best, work like the best and more importantly walk with the best.

Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA)


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