Whatever the mind of a person can conceive and belief, it can achieve. Achieving a reputation for excellence in any given area of life follows the same principle and practise. This is because any achievement needs a corresponding investment.

Academic excellence, which is desired by very many students, does not come on a platter of gold but on a strict adherence to the principle and practices of excellence. If you can pay the price you would therefore get the prize. Attaining academic excellence gives one more access to opportunities.

While many are writing series of application letters to industries, an excellent person is being head-hunt for so many jobs. Besides, attaining academic excellence has the potential of taking someone from poverty to riches and from being a nonentity to being a celebrity.

There are four basic principles and practices which if well implanted and implemented will make you attain academic excellence.

1. HAVING A GOAL: You need to understand that life does not give you what you deserve but what you decide to desire. You must know what you want from your academics and aim at it. He who does not have a goal cannot get a goal.

To attain academic excellence, you must be a goal writer and a goal-getter. Having a goal enables you to emulate yourself and to check if you are still on track. You goal must not only be in your head but must also be written down boldly. Your goal must be smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound).

2. TIME: Time is the only resource giving to all in the same proportion. 24hrs is given to both the rich and the poor, first class student and third class student, parents and children, etc. however, what we do with time will determine what we get out of life. No one ever attains excellence without an understanding of time.

I have heard someone once said that time is ‘’G.P’’. Time waits for no man. There is nothing like time management since we don’t have control over time, but we can manage ourselves for time and proper planning is essential to be able to maximise your time wisely. An author once said that, ‘’TOMORROW IS THE ONLY DAY IN A YEAR THAT APPEALS TO A LAZY MAN’’.

The hardest work to do is that which should have been done yesterday. Now is the best time of the year and since time cannot be conserved, use it wisely and judiciously. Don’t overcommit yourself to too many activities because too many activities reduce productivity. When you balance your time you would have a balanced life.

3. SEPERATION FOR PREPERATION: To attain academic excellence, you must be able to separate yourself from the crowd and friends to do personal preparation. No matter how friendly or sociable you are, always give time for personal preparation.

First class students are not different from third class students, only that they know something extra in the place of preparation. Abraham Lincoln once said that ‘’IF I HAD 8 HOURS TO CUT DOWN A TREE, I WOULD USE 6 HOURS TO SHARPEN MY AXE’’. The place of preparation cannot be overemphasised.

Expectation without preparation leads to frustration and your result is as good as your preparation. Therefore you must study, study and study!!!!! The bible says that seeth thou a man diligent in his business (studies), he shall stand before kings and he shall not stand before mean (average) men. To be diligent is to be consistently hardworking and studious and this cannot be achieved without self-discipline. You must know that it is in the place of preparation that champions are made, they are only recognized in the ring (after preparation).

Preparation is the art of analysing and arranging your physical, mental and spiritual resource today in readiness for effective performance tomorrow. Remember proper preparation prevents poor performance!

4. GOD-FACTOR: Irrespective of what any school of thought may say or believe, I have come to realise that there is a supernatural power involved in all human endeavours.

For you to attain academic excellence, you need the spirit of excellence in your life and this can only come from the most excellent God by doing what he says. Immoralities like cheating, bringing of expo into the exam hall destroys academic excellence but righteous living brings you honour and excellence. Never ever forget the place of prayers!

Ogunleye Gabriel


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