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I have a dream that one day, our leaders would be willing to serve the nation, and not loathe all her riches, tarnish her glory and question her honour. Leaders that would have the people that chose them to handle the mantle of leadership of this great country at heart and not see themselves and their family members as the only people they have gone there to serve. Leaders that would be ready to do the right thing at the right time to make and create the right impact that would move the nation as a whole towards the right direction. I see leaders that are highly intelligent, educative and effective and not political thugs.

I have a dream that one day, Leaders would be willing and ready to go through the stress and rigor of convincing the citizens of this great country Nigeria that they are the right set of people to handle the helm of affairs of the country rather than spending more than enough money trying to bribe and rig elections. Leaders that would have the fear and respect for GOD, because a leader that does not respect God cannot respect his people, leaders that would seek the kingdom of God for wisdom, knowledge, understanding to be able to know what the country needs to have to make things better, what they need to know that would move the country forward, the qualities and attributes that they need to possess that would make the people that have chosen them corporate with them.

I have a dream that one day, the people of Nigeria would be bold enough to say no to corruption, no to poverty, no to bad leadership, no to suffering, and be ready to do all that is to be done to ensure that all these disgraceful qualities become things of the past. A nation where her people would not be like Esau thus selling their VOTE right for perishable bags of rice and beans, thousands of naira and other lavish able items, making them loose their voice when these particular leaders that have bribed them start doing the wrong thing when they eventually emerge.

I have a dream that one day, Nigeria would be a force to reckon with amidst other nations, Nigeria would lend to other nations, people from other countries, especially European would be forced to come and learn how to do this and do that in this same country they have castigated and insulted. I have a dream that one day, the exchange rate of Naira would be dragging with that of dollars, pounds and euros, a day that the best gadgets would be invented in this country, a day that all the best home appliances would be found in this country, a day that Nigeria would be the major supplier of agricultural products to the whole world, a day that Nigerian leaders would organize leadership summits and leaders from around different continents would be available to learn something new as a result of the changes they have seen and heard.
I have a dream that one day; Nigerians would not just recite the pledge but would read in between the lines and follow the wordings. I have a dream that one day, Yoruba’s would be able to hug the Igbos in their land without any reason for war, for unnecessary insecurity, for kidnapping or any sought of evil. A nation where Hausa’s and Yoruba’s would be able to sit down and discuss about progress, a nation where Muslims and Christians would be able to come together in faith to pray in unity for the peace and positive transformation of Nigeria. I have a dream that one day, Nigerians would be willing to serve the country with all their strengths and might.

I have a dream that one day; the youths of this country would put their youthful strength together and focus on more productive things that would better themselves and the country. I have a dream that the country would have youths that are focused, goal oriented, visionary, determined and responsible citizens that are working towards achieving their divine assignments in life, youths that have not lost their ethics and culture as a result of media networks and social Medias. I dream of youths that would be ready to drop temporary pleasure, pick up challenges and handle them effectively, take up leadership mantles, youths that are willing to come together and say together, WE CAN ACHIEVE IT. I dream of meaningful youth groups that would provide an average youth the opportunity to develop and learn what they need to know to achieve greatness.

I have a dream that one day, the Nigerian premier league would be as developed as the English premier league, the Spanish laliga and other top leagues in the world. I dream of a season that players from different part of the world would be rushing to ply their trade in this country because of the level of development and competition. A day when every Nigerian would not need to support top clubs in Europe, and we would all be proud to wear the jerseys of our Nigerian league clubs, while I am putting on that of Sunshine fc, you would be putting on that on Kwara united, your friend would be wearing that of Eyimba fc, and the ladies would be wearing that of Warri-wolves, our parents would be wearing that of dolphins fc, and we would all have our names boldly written on the back of the jerseys. A time when Nigeria would win the world cup, defeating all the major forces in the world of football.

I have a dream that one day, you would see this changes and you would feel like changing the words you have said about this great country. I have a dream that one day you would remember the past of this country and all you would have to say is Good bless Nigeria. I have a dream that one day, you would see these changes and you would be happy you believed in this dream. I have a dream that soon, we would all join forces together to ensure that many good things come out of Nigeria which is our own Jerusalem. I am sure that soon, we would stop complaining and start looking for ways and techniques to ensure that this dream becomes a reality.

Remember that a dream is just a wish without action. I have decided to put action to ensure that Nigeria moves forward, God placed me in Nigeria and I would ensure that while I am still hale and healthy, Nigeria must not go down the drain in my very own eyes. This is a charge to all Nigerians to remind us all that it is our responsibility to ensure that Nigeria moves forward. God has given us all we need to ensure that we place Nigeria at the very top, and I am sure that by God’s grace we would get there.
Yours in Nation Building,
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin.


Sonia was opportune to read SEA publication for the month of May, and she was highly impressed and therefore made up her mind to start setting Goals. Picking up her phone she dialled my number which she saw at the back of the publication and expressed her excitement. During our discussion, she asked two very important questions.

She said SEA,
1. What categories of my life do I need to set goals on?

2. What are the foundations for establishing a goal?

I was surprised by her intelligent question, and with a smile on my face, I asked her to sit back, relax and enjoy the publication for June because I would be focusing on her brainy questions.

I would be pointing out nine crucial categories.

1. Spiritual Goals: These are goals that relate to your religious belief, your faith, and your spiritual growth. These goals give strong answer to how many hours I need to spend per day praying, how many hours I use for praises, would I be fasting once in a week or once in a month, how I would start or continuing paying my tithe and offering and some other spiritual issues. These answers come when you set spiritual goals.

2. Personal Goals: This is a very important part of goal setting. These are goals relating to your personal growth, character development, how you attend to live issues and address them. These goals give resilient solutions to how do I want my life to be planned, what characters do I need to drop, what character do I need to possess, what do I need to change about the way I address practical life issues and what part of my life needs time for personal growth and some other key personal issues.

3. Career Goals: This goals give answers to what career do I want to pursue, how do I intend to pursue this career, what course do I need to study to be able to pursue this career, what degrees do I need to hold to be able to practise this career, what professional exams do I need to write to give me higher chances of getting this career, what networks do I need to build to acquire this career, what projects do I need to work on to make me stand out in this career.

4. Financial Goals: These are goals relating to money matter relating to income growth, savings and investments. How do you intend to start saving from the money received, what unnecessary spending’s would you have to reduce to save more, how do you intend to start growing your finance positively, through the utilisation of your talent or starting up a business, what kind of business would you like to invest on, how do you intend to get the money to start the business.

5. Family: These are goals set to strengthen bonds with your siblings, partners, relatives, parents and children’s.

6. Friends: These goals answer thoughts provoking questions like who do I intend to strengthen my friendship with, and who do I intend to weaken my friendship with, what particular area do I need to strengthen my relationship with some people, is it in business, reading, brain-storming, religious, relaxation or in two or more areas, what kind of character should my friend possess and what character should my friend not possess.

7. Community: It is always important to spend your time helping those round you with your talents and the resources within your disposal to ensure that you have a better community. This give answers to questions like how can I get involved with my community work, is there any way I can pull my own strength to ensure that my community is better, how am I going to ensure that I make my community better, how many hours am I going to be putting into community service every month.

8. Recreation: Work and no play they say make’s Sonia, a dull girl. These are goals relating to relaxation renewal, taking your timeout to do the things you like, for example swimming, playing football, playing video games and watching of movies and travelling on vacations and excursions. Much time should not be spent on these goals.

9. Health: Goals relating to what you eat, if you would be reducing the level at which you take sweet things or at which you take salt, doing exercises either on a daily, weekly or monthly basics, going for medical check-up every month or yearly, how many hours would be spent on resting and overall health and wellbeing of the body.

Every goal must be on the S-M-A-R-T foundation.

Every goal you set must be;

1. S – Specific: being specific means to be precise and to be decisive with your goals. What do you desire and want to achieve, there is no sitting on the fence, there is no either A or B, I am ok. You must always choose a goal and stick to it, either you want first class or you want a two-one degree from the university, there is nothing like I am ok with any of the two. Being specific makes you more determined to achieve what you really want to achieve.

2. M – Measurable: A student that wants to have a first class would start knowing If he has been working towards that goal when he starts seeing his test and assignment results. A measurable goal helps you know if you are achieving the goal, if you are working towards the direction of the goal or you are far from the direction of the goal, helps you identify your strengths and expose your weakness. This ensures that you detect your defaults errors) before they become too late to correct.

3. A – Achievable: Can you achieve your goals? Are you willing to achieve these goals? There is no point setting a goal when there is no internal will to achieve such a goal. Every goal must first be achieved in your mind before it is brought to paper, if it is achieved in your mind, you can plan well to achieve it. For every goal that would be achieved is an action plan that would
make the goal achievable.

4. R – Relevant: Like we said earlier, goals are the necessary steps taken to achieve your vision; so therefore, your goal must be relevant to your vision. A guy that wants to be a singer in the nearest future must understand that he must be able to set specific and measurable goals that are relevant to him achieving his dream of becoming a musician.

5. T – Time conscious: A vision is a goal with a DEADLINE, and that deadline signifies time limit. There must be a particular time the goal must expire just like the football match ends roughly after 90 minutes. It makes the goal more planned for, organised and precise.
Seun Emmanuel Alaofin (SEA)


1. Define your relationship. Know if you are just dating, for marriage, or friends with benefit.

2. Every relationship starts with God. A partner that does not know God can never be loyal.

3. Every relationship is peculiar; don’t compare your relationship with someone else’s relationship.

4. Patience is a key factor in every relationship. Practise it.

5. Respect is very important in every relationship and it is meant to be from both parties.

6. In every relationship, both partners have to have the same core values.

7. When you forget your 1st love which is God, you would not find a real 2nd love.

8. No trust = No relationship. There is no need to be in a relationship when there is no trust.

9. There must be mutual understanding in every relationship.

10. Always remember to appreciate your partner for always being there for you. It goes a long way.

11. Both partners must be compatible with each other.

12. Know the likes and dislikes of your partner.

13. Know the weakness and strength of your partner.

14. Don’t enter any relationship out of pity.

15. A relationship is a 50 – 50 situation. Both parties must participate and they must be beneficial to each other.

16. A man that has no plan for his life has no plan for you.

17. True love is the foundation of a real relationship.

18. If the purpose of your relationship is not known, abuse is inevitable.

19. Don’t enter into a relationship just because you want to know how a relationship looks like.

20. Don’t go for a partner because he or she makes you smile, but go for a partner that would always do things that would leave you with that smile.

21. Pretence = no good relationship

22. Check your partner well. Check his/her heart if he/she has a conscience.

23. There is always a point of attraction in every relationship. Don’t forget that.

24. Don’t go for a player, go for a real man.

25. Jealousy is an important factor in every relationship, but when it becomes too much it kills the relationship.

26. Relationship involves sacrifice of time, money and physical attraction.

27. Don’t enter into one when you would not have the time.

28. Maturity is very important in every relationship

29. If a man loves you because of what you have, he would see a better one. Don’t be deceived.

30. If a woman loves you because you are handsome and your pocket is heavy, she would see a more handsome man. Don’t fall a maga.

31. It’s good to be able to say your mind, but too many complaints lead to fast breakup.

32. A partner that is not proud to work with you on the street is not the right choice for you.

33. In every relationship, don’t make yourself an option and your partner a priority.

34. A person you don’t have a future with is not worth dating.

35. In every relationship, you don’t always have to hurt your partner for you to strike your point that you are right.

36. Listening to gossips from external bodies about your partner and believing them is a good way of using your hand to call for break up.

37. Don’t compare your present partner with your ex-partner. Remember that they are different and special in their unique ways.

38. In every relationship, don’t go for beauty. Go for someone that makes your life beautiful. True fact.

39. Don’t talk about break up every time you have little arguments with your partner.

40. Your partner is not a magician. Don’t expect him or her to know all that is in your mind when you did not open up.

It is better to keep your mouth closed than say the word ‘’I LOVE YOU’’ when you don’t mean it.


Some few weeks ago, I did a little piece on PRICE TAG which from its responses and comments have been of tremendous impact. Despite that, some few requested for more INSIGHTS. Join me as we journey on/through this smooth SAIL of words that are transforming, beneficial, charging, changing and catalytic.

The PRICE of a product is the worth and value placed on it while the TAG is an identifiable piece which reflects physically a particular thing or the other. Therefore, a price tag is a piece (identifiable) which connotes the WORTH of a product; commodity or whatever is associated to the tag.

Every individual or group have what they respectively intend to or are paying for. It could be the PRICE for achievements, fame, heights, scholarships, grades, greatness, and freedom, success either in business, family, career and lots more.

WHY I SHOULD PAY? Driving it home—–
A man who is not ready to pay the required PRICE should expect no PRIZE. A priceless life is a prize less one.

Each price comes with its own respective RISK. Strategize properly and create positive TRICKS to overcome.

Often times, we could be reluctant with meeting-up with the demands of the TAGS. I call this a DRAG.

There is the human nature which makes us lazy about price-paying. Similar to the force of gravity, this nature acts against our desires to be price-payers. This is a force called the PULL.

To overcome this pull, we have to exert another force called the PUSH because for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The only word spoken to a woman in labour is the word PUSH. The force concentrated at that moment is the PULL but she has to PUSH, PUSH and PUSH until the baby is delivered.
If you would want to attain heights, achieve your dreams and birth your success, you obviously have to PUSH harder.

You must be willing to ACCEPT and DO the PRICE and not REJECT it so as not to UNDO the PRIZE.

If you must be the BEST, CONTEST, overcome the TEST so as to be better than the REST.

When you ASK and YEARN for more, you would have been able to solve more TASKS and EARN more accolades.

Pay the price and be RESPECTED, avoid the price and be NEGLECTED. Pay the price and become BRANDED, avoid it and remain STRANDED.

Would you want to RULE your world and be properly POSITIONED on the map, pay the required price?

Paying for an item in a mart requires of you to follow a PROCESS. This process could either be through cash payment or many other means depending on the capacity of such a mart. It is when this process is DULY followed that such an item becomes yours eventually.

Every attainable height has a PROCESS (a right one) that must be discovered. Strategize and plan ahead on how to over-ride the HURDLES contained therein so as to maintain your pace and keep moving forward despite the BUMPS.

After the DISCOVERY of the process, it is then questions of how WILLED, DRIVEN and DESIRING are you not to relent but to go/get through the process?

Remember, DISCOVER, STUDY, WORK-ON, CARESS, STAY TRUE, REMAIN POSITIVE, GO, GET through the PROCESS and be a huge SUCCESS. I choose to be a price-payer and a fruit-reaper.






There was a man who worked for the post office, whose work was to process the mails that had illegible address. One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God with no actual address. He thought he should open it to see what it was about.

The letter read:

Dear God,

I am an 83year old widow, living on a very small pension. Yesterday, someone stole my purse. It had 100dollars in it, which was all the money I had until my next pension payment. The next Sunday, I have invited two of my friends over for dinner, and without that money I would not be able to buy food for them. I have no family to turn to, you are my only hope lord. Can you please help me?



The postal worker was touched. He showed the letter to his other workers. Each one dug into his or her wallet and came up with a few dollars. By the time he made the rounds, he had collected 96 dollars, which they put into an envelope and sent it to the woman.

The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of Agnes and the dinner she is going to share with her friends. Sunday came and left, and after a few days another letter came from the same old lady to God. All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened.

It read:

Dear God,

How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me? Because of your gift of love, I was able to fix a glorious dinner for my friends. We had a nice day and I told my friends of your wonderful gift.

By the way, 4 dollars was missing from the money, and I think it might have been those thief’s at the post office that stole the money.



I don’t want to know the numbers of publications you have read about
Nigeria but I bet you after reading this you will have a change of mind.

I am blessed, I am rich, I am very productive, I have a fertile land, I have reasonable human resources at my fingertips, I have a very perfect atmospheric condition yet I am never appreciated, I have always lived In agony because my name have been battered with insults and accusations am not even guilty of, I am Nigeria and my soul seeks for justice.

Nigeria as we all know is a country that is blessed with a lot of resources both human and natural resources but still fails to meet up with the level of advanced countries in the 21st century, as such, a question is asked; what is the problem? Is it Nigeria or you?

Fellow Nigerian, either you like it or not, you and I are responsible for the situation of this country today. We are the criminals that cheat on our brothers and sisters, we are the government officials that divert public funds, we are the ones responsible for Inflations, we are the ones that have murdered justice and open the door to Insecurity, and we have accepted corruption as a way of life and have assassinated social sanity. We are all guilty of these offences yet we have failed to take responsibilities for our actions just like our forefathers and shift the blame on a defenseless country that has no advocate. We are the problems of this country.
Instead of repeating the same problems about Nigeria that even a five year old child already knows why not let us think about providing solutions to the problems we have created.

As a Nigerian, I refuse to conform to the unethical norms operating in this country. Martin Luther king (Jr) once said ‘conformity is a jailer of freedom and enemy of growth’. Let us stand out together and produce the change this country is crying for.